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Skin transplantation devices


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Skin transplantation devices - 1

Skin grafting with 67018 EN • V42/17 • NOUVAG AG©, all rights reserved • Subject to change

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Skin transplantation devices - 2

Dermatome and TCM 3000 BL, an unbeatable dream team If you talk about skin grafting you will for sure know about the Nouvag dream team, the Nouvag Dermatome and the motor system that drives it. It’s so simple to use you would not even need a manual. The high precision cuts with the Dermatome are legendary. The adjustment wheel follows a grid in fine steps. For changing the blades you will not even need a tool to do so. Ref. 1992 Dermatome 25 mm For best results on specific tasks the Dermatome is available in 4 different sizes. However if you need a smaller size of the Dermatome only...

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