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Ultrasonic Nebulizer


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Ultrasonic Nebulizer The Ultrasonic Nebulizer is a high throughput nebulizer from Nouvag AG, intended for inhalation therapy and humidification of respiratory air as well as aerosol therapy. Due to its simplicity of use, the device is suitable for professional use in hospitals and clinics, as well as for home health care. The unit can be wall mounted with a rail clamp or placed on a movable stand for highest flexibility. The integrated timer features the following settings: 15/30/45 or 60 minutes or continuous flow. A heated tube with a heating capacity of up to 37°C (98.6°F) provides high comfort for the patient during use. Nebulizer Data 67297 EN • V15/18 • NOUVAG AG©, all rights reserved • Subject to change Nebulizer performance, adjustable: Particle size: Ultrasonic frequency: Technical Data Voltage:

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Ultrasonic Nebulizer - 2

3274 Ultrasonic Nebulizer, base model The base model consists of the device and two tubes, the nebulizer cup and the plug-in rod on the back with the hook for the suspension of the infusion bottle. 3301 Ultrasonic Nebulizer, tabletop model The tabletop model consists of the base model with the described accessories and the practical articulated arm with which the mouthpiece is comfortably guided to the mouth. 3302 Tabletop version with device trolley The tabletop version in conjunction with the mobile stand is thought for the treatment of bedridden patients. The articulated arm is included...

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