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NON-TREATED CELL CULTURE FLASKS FIASCHE NON TRATTATE PER COLTURE CELLULARI CELL CULTURE / COLTURE CELLULARI NON-TREATED FLASKS for suspension cell culture, in clear premium grade polystyrene, sterile, non-Pyrogenic certified, white cap. Accurate graduation is moulded into each flask faciliting the filling. On each bag “NON-TREATED” written indication, identification number and lot number are present to ensure an easy traceability. GROWTH AREA CM2 AREA INTERNA CM2 Canted Inclinato Canted Inclinato Straight Dritto PRE-TREATED CELL CULTURE FLASKS FIASCHE TRATTATE PER COLTURE CELLULARI...

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Cell culture - 3

TISSUE CULTURE PETRI DISHES PIASTRE DI PETRI PER COLTURE CELLULARI Manufactured in clear premium grade polystyrene, sterile, nonPyrogenic certified. Thick flat base avoids bowing, non-treated lid to reduce condensation, with vents to facilitate gas exchange. Two versions available: PRE-TREATED for an optimal cell attachment and growth; NON-TREATED for suspension cell cultures and plant cell culture. In polistirolo perfettamente trasparente, sterili, certificate Apirogene. Base perfettamente piana e spessa per evitare ogni possibile distorsione, coperchio non trattato per ridurre al minimo...

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Cell culture - 4

CELL SCRAPERS RASCHIETTI Scrapers for harvesting cells, with silicone scraper blade and ABS handle. Two versions available: > fixed blade, for Petri dishes and multi-well plates; > rotating blade for an easier cells collection even in places difficult to reach, for flasks of 75, 150, 225 cm2.. Sterile, individually wrapped. Raschietti per il recupero delle cellule, con lama di raschiatura in silicone ed impugnatura in ABS. Disponibili in 2 versioni: > con lama fissa, per piastre di Petri e piastre multipozzetto; > con lama mobile che facilita il recupero delle cellule anche nei posti...

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