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EMBEDDING CASSETTES CASSETTE PER INCLUSIONE Square grid, in acetal resin, with removable lid and writing surface. They resist to all decalcifying solutions and to solvents. Dim. 27.5 x 40 x 7 mm. Art. A griglia quadrata, in resina acetalica, con coperchio staccabile e area di scrittura. Resistono a soluzioni decalcificanti e a solventi. Dim. 27,5 x 40 x 7 mm. COLOUR/COLORE White/Bianco Yellow/Giallo Green/Verde Pink/Rosa Light blue/Azzurro PATHOLOGYCAL ANATOMY / ANATOMIA PATOLOGICA EMBEDDING CASSETTES CASSETTE PER INCLUSIONE Rectangular grid, in acetal resin, with removable lid and writing...

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EMBEDDING CASSETTES WITHOUT LID CASSETTE PER INCLUSIONE SENZA COPERCHIO With 34 round holes Ø 2 mm, in acetal resin. Resistant to the solvents used in histological processes. With writing surface. Dim. 28 x 40 x 6 mm. Art. Con 34 fori rotondi Ø 2 mm, in resina acetalica. Resistenti ai solventi utilizzati nei processi istologici. E’ possibile scrivere sulle cassette. Dim. 28 x 40 x 6 mm. COLOUR/COLORE White/Bianco Yellow/Giallo Green/Verde Pink/Rosa LID FOR EMBEDDING CASSETTES COPERCHIO PER CASSETTE INCLUSIONE Coperchio in acciaio per cassette inclusione standard. Utilizzabile sulle cassette...

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PROTECTIVE BIOPSY PADS SPUGNETTE PROTETTIVE In polyester foam. With controlled porosity for embedding cassettes. Resistant to solvents used for processing. In schiuma di poliestere. A porosità controllata per cassette per inclusione. Resistenti ai solventi per la processazione. PATHOLOGYCAL ANATOMY / ANATOMIA PATOLOGICA BIOPSY BAGS FOR HISTOLOGICAL PROCESSING SACCHETTINI PER LA PROCESSAZIONE ISTOLOGICA Resistant to all solvents, they Resistenti a qualsiasi solvente, prevent from any risk of cross evitano il rischio di contaminazione contamination or loss of any crociata e la perdita di...

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SURGICAL SPECIMEN CONTAINERS WITH SECURITY SCREW CAP CONTENITORI PER PEZZI CHIRURGICI CON TAPPO A VITE Polypropylene containers with screw cap that ensures absolute safety, yellow colour. Graduated, available in eight different capacities from 20 to 1000 ml. Art. Contenitori in polipropilene con tappo a vite che garantisce la massima sicurezza, di colore giallo. Graduati, disponibili in otto diverse misure, a partire da 20 fino a 1000 ml. CONTENITORI PER GROSSI PEZZI CHIRURGICI Made in polypropylene, rectangular shape with snap-on lid, to store big histological specimens. Supplied with...

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BLOCK AND SLIDE STORAGE BOX CONTENITORE PER ARCHIVIAZIONE BLOCCHETTI E VETRINI In blue colour styro foam, with lid. It can contain up to 460 blocks or up to 1500 slides. PATHOLOGYCAL ANATOMY / ANATOMIA PATOLOGICA In polistirolo espanso di colore blu, con coperchio. Può contenere fino a 460 blocchetti o fino a 1500 vetrini. PARAFFIN PARAFFINA Tissue embedding media, a mixture of highly purified paraffin containing plastic polymers that provide support for both hard and soft samples. PARAPLAST® NORMAL: for routine use. Melting point 56 °C. For 4-micron cuts. PARAPLAST® PLUS: for quick tissue...

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