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BIO-TRANSPORT BIO-TRANSPORT A line of containers conform to UN 3373 (biological substance Cat. B), studied for a safe transport of biological material, starting from drawing of samples to the arrival in the analysis laboratory. All bags are provided with handle, zip closure and sealing possibility, internal compartment and external transparent pocket for documents, compartment for cool accumulators. Una linea di contenitori per il trasporto in totale sicurezza di materiale biologico di tipo UN 3373 (materia biologica, Cat. B), dal prelievo del campione fino all’arrivo nel laboratorio di...

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BIO-TRANSPORT BIO-TRANSPORT Isothermal bag for transporting biological samples, available in different sizes. It may contain up to 240 test tubes Ø 12-16 mm. Classified as external container (3° container) according to ADR/RID regulations. N. TEST TUBES/N. PROVETTE Safety box designed for samples transport, made of polycarbonate and fully autoclavable. The cover has an hermetic sylicon seal, to ensure an high degree of safety, even in case of accidental leak of fluids contained within, and it is provided with 4 safety locks preventing opening if the box drops down. Complete with stainless...

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BIO-TRANSPORT BIO-TRANSPORT SAMPLES TRANSPORT SYSTEMS / SISTEMI PER IL TRASPORTO DEI CAMPIONI Single use container suitable for transport and preservation of biological samples. Made in polypropylene, it has an excellent chemical resistance. It is provided with a closure system with a security tear seal to avoid tampering or fortuitous openings during transportation. It contains inside an holder in absorbent material for the protection of the carried samples. BAGS FOR SAMPLES TRANSPORTATION WITH ANTI-TAMPERING CLOSURE SACCHETTI PER TRASPORTO CAMPIONI CON CHIUSURA ANTIMANOMISSIONE In...

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AUTOCLAVE BAGS POLYPROPYLENE AUTOCLAVE BAGS SACCHETTI PER AUTOCLAVE IN POLIPROPILENE Polypropylene bags for autoclave sterilization, resistant up to +134 °C. These bags are particularly useful in order to remove, by autoclave sterilization process, pathogenic substances normally present in contaminated containers (pipettes, test tubes, Microtiter plates, etc.). Thickness 40 my. Sacchetti in polipropilene, per sterilizzazione in autoclave, resistenti fino a +134 °C. Questi sacchetti sono particolarmente utili per eliminare, mediante sterilizzazione in autoclave, sostanze patogene presenti in...

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STERILE BAGS FOR STOMACHER® BLENDERS SACCHETTI STERILI PER OMOGENEIZZATORI TIPO STOMACHER® Sacchetti trasparenti per omogeneizzatori a battuta tipo STOMACHER® ed altri compatibili. I sacchetti sono testati in base a diversi parametri, in particolare capacità di apertura, tenuta alla base e dimensioni. Disponibili anche con fondo interno tondo tipo “Circulator”, e rinforzato, per migliorare la circolazione del campione. Sterili, conformi per alimenti in base alle normative vigenti. Transparent bags for STOMACHER® and any other blenders. Bags are tested on variuos parameters, in detail by...

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