Bacterial and viral protection during training and CPR - 4 Pages

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Bacterial and viral protection  during training and CPR

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O-Two CPR Personal Protection Devices Bacterial and viral protection during training and CPR

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Training Faceshields The two-way biological filter of the O-Two CPR Bio- Barrier training faceshield will prevent the passage of over 99% of the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV*. It also acts as a physical barrier to moisture, helping to prevent the transfer of body fluids. During CPR training, the large, pliable — yet extremely strong — faceshield with graphic illustrations assists the student in correctly positioning the O-Two CPR Bio-Barrier training O-Two CPR Bio-Barrier training faceshields are packaged on a roll, allowing each student...

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O-Two Rescue Breather® CPR Protective Barrier The single-use O-Two Rescue Breather CPR protective barrier is ready when you need it. Designed as a first-response device for use during CPR, the O-Two Rescue Breather provides a physical barrier between the rescuer and the patient. This single-use, cost-effective quality device provides rescuer protection by the use of a one-way flapper valve and filter to reduce the risk of crosscontamination. Compact and lightweight, the O-Two Rescue Breather can be easily stored in first aid kits, purses, sports bags and glove compartments. Packaged...

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O-Two Rescue Breather CPR Pocket Ventilator The O-Two Rescue Breather CPR pocket ventilator provides the rescuer with a safe and effective means to perform life-saving expired air resuscitation while offering maximum protection from the potential risks of disease transfer for both the patient and the rescuer. The O-Two Rescue Breather CPR pocket ventilator comes standard with a low-resistance disposable one-way valve, with bacterial/viral filter, oxygen inlet, head-strap and carrying case. The filter ensures optimum bacterial protection, yet minimum airway resistance. The seamless air...

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