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MORE THAN 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WORLDWIDE PATENTS O-Two Medical Technologies is dedicated to the provision of state-of-the-art products for Emergency Respiratory Care. We will continue to offer technologically advanced products that provide the best in patient outcomes. Our commitment to on-going product development brings that technology to new heights, limited only by the imagination. We strive to exceed customer expectations by implementing continuous improvements in both features and design of the products we provide and the services necessary to support these products. We recognize...

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OUR PEDIGREE With over 40 years’ experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of medical devices, O-Two Medical Technologies has grown to be the world leader in emergency respiratory care products. Our innovative thinking, leading-edge engineering concepts and high-quality manufacturing capabilities combine to make O-Two Medical Technologies a valuable partner for the healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.

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O U R C A PA B I L I T I E S O-Two Medical Technologies provides advanced engineering, state-of-the-art design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. These are all encapsulated within a painstaking quality system to meet the required international manufacturing standards. Our manufacturing and research-and-development facilities are registered to the ISO 13485 Quality system as well as Health Canada (HC), European (CE) and US (FDA) medical device requirements.

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AUTOMATIC TRANSPORT RESUSCITATORS AND VENTILATORS TROPSNART CITAMOTUA SROTALITNEV DNA SROTATICSUSER The O-Two “e” Ventilator Range ushers in a new era in controlled ventilation for resuscitation and patient transport! These electronically controlled, pneumatically powered ventilators provide a range of ventilation solutions for all types of patient requirements and all levels of pre-hospital and inhospital healthcare professionals. The simplicity of operation masks the level of sophistication these products offer. The standardized controls on all three models provide an ease of use concept...

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MANUAL RESUSCITATORS SROTATICSUSER LAUNAM The SMART BAG® and SMART BAG® MO provide controlled ventilation during manual resuscitation. The unique SMART valve in the device responds to the rescuers squeeze, limiting the excessive flow of gas into the patient’s airway. It also responds to changes in the patient’s compliance or resistance, alerting the rescuer of any airway problem that may occur. By removing the risks associated with inadvertent hyperventilation, the SMART BAG® MO reduces gastric insufflation (in the mask-ventilated patient), the reduction in cardiac pre-load as well...

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CPAP DEVICES TROPSNART CITAMOTUA SECIVED PAPC The O-Two single-use open CPAP delivery system provides accurate CPAP delivery with more comfort for the patient. The unique feature of the device is in its ability to titrate CPAP levels from 0 - 25 cmH2O over a flowrate range of only 8 - 25 L/min. This is significantly lower gas consumption than other disposable device.

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ANALGESIC GAS DELIVERY SYSTEMS SMETSYS YREVILED SAG CISEGLANA The Equinox® II Demand Valve is designed for use with pre-mixed N2O/O2 gases providing demand flowrates upto 140 L/min. The Equinox® Relieve and Advantage Analgesic Gas Delivery Systems provide O2 and N2O gas mixing and demand breathing capabilities in two configurations. The Equinox® Relieve provides a preset, 50/50 mix of O2 and N2O while the Equinox® Advantage allows the adjustment of N2O and O2 concentrations over a range of 25% to 75% N2O or 100% O2. Multiple alarms and failsafes on these devices provide for patient safety....

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VENTILATION TIMING LIGHTS STHGIL GNIMIT NOITALITNEV The use of our adult and pediatric Ventilation Timing Lights assists in complying with resuscitation guidelines by providing clear visual indications of when to squeeze and release the bag assuring the correct ventilation rate, I Time and E Tme. VENTILATION TRAINING AIDS SDIA GNINIART NOITALITNEV The Mini Ventilation Training Analyzer highlights the complications of inadvertent hyperventilation (such as gastric insufflation) associated with poor manual ventilation technique. Calibrated to simulate a normal adult lung capacity, compliance,...

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O-TWO®, CAREvent®, SMART BAG®, and Equinox® are registered trademarks of O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. Entonox® is a registered trademark of the British Oxygen Company Limited. ALnox® is a registered trademark of Air Liquide

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