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MORE THAN ABOUT US Since 1971 O-Two Medical Technologies produces state-of-the-art products for Emergency Respiratory Care and Gas Inhalation Analgesia. Our innovative thinking, leading-edge engineering concepts and high-quality manufacturing capabilities combine to make us a valuable partner for the healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. Exporting to over 60 countries and possessing more than 40 patents worldwide, we offer solutions in Automatic and Manual Ventilation, Gas Analgesia, Immediate Care, Oxygen Administration and Patient Monitoring. MORE THAN WORLDWIDE PATENTS...

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O U R C A PA B I L I T I E S O-Two Medical Technologies provides advanced engineering, state-ofthe-art design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. These are all encapsulated within a painstaking quality system to meet the required international manufacturing standards. Our manufacturing and research-and-development facilities are registered to the ISO 13485 Quality system (MDSAP), Health Canada (HC), European (CE) and US (FDA) medical device requirements.

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AUTOMATIC VENTILATION MOUNTING & CARRYING SOLUTIONS IMMEDIATE CARE Our complete range of Ventilation, Emergency Respiratory Care products and Analgesic Gas Delivery Systems are divided into seven categories that cover the patient’s needs both outside and within the hospital environment. OXYGEN DEMAND VALVES & KITS ANALGESIA PRESSURE REGULATORS & OXYGEN ADMINISTRATION

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AUTOMATIC VENTILATION AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC VENTILATORS The O-Two eSeries Ventilator Range is a compact, practical and effective solution for resuscitation and patient transport. With a user-friendly interface and controls on all three models, the eSeries provide an easy to use concept that masks the level of complexity and sophistication these products offer. Always ready for immediate use and fully functional AUTOMATIC PNEUMATIC VENTILATORS due to its continuous parameter monitoring and self-adjustments, the ventilators also warn the healthcare professional in case of any change in patient...

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The Equinox® Range of Analgesic Gas Delivery Systems are rugged demand inhalation devices for the administration of N2O/O2 gases, either utilizing a pre-mixed or separate gas supplies. They are specifically designed to provide pain management during childbirth, emergency situations and painfully procedures. By delivering high Equinox® Relieve flow rates at low triggering pressures they reduce the amount of effort required by the patient to maintain adequate analgesia. The Equinox® II Demand Valve administers a pre-mixed 50/50 concentration of N2O/O2 from a cylinder (Entonox® or Alnox®). It...

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IMMEDIATE CARE The O-Two single-use open CPAP delivery system provides accurate CPAP delivery with more comfort for the patient. The unique feature of the device is in its ability to titrate CPAP levels from 1 - 25 cmH2O over a flowrate range of only 3 - 25 L/min. This is a significantly lower gas consumption than other disposable devices. ■ Single-use Open CPAP Delivery System

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SMART BAG® MO Disposable ■- Smart Bag® MO Adult Smart Bag® MO Pedi The SMART BAG® MO provides controlled V ventilation during manual resuscitation. The unique SMART valve in the device responds to the rescuers squeeze, limiting the excessive flow of gas into the patient's airway. It also responds to changes in the patient's compliance or resistance, alerting the rescuer of any airway problem that may occur. SMART BAG® MO virtually removes the risks associated with inadvertent hyperventilation, such as; gastric insufflation (in the mask-ventilated patient), reduced venous return to the heart...

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IMMEDIATE CARE VENTILATION TRAINING AIDS The Mini Ventilation Training Analyzer has been developed to demonstrate the correct ventilation technique when using a Bag-Valve-Mask resuscitator and the complications of gastric insufflation associated with incorrect technique. The device responds to the Rescuer's squeeze and release of the BVM like a real patient. VENTILATION TIMING LIGHTS The use of our adult and pediatric Ventilation Timing Lights assists in complying with resuscitation guidelines by providing clear visual indications of when to squeeze and release the bag assuring the correct...

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Our demand valve range is designed to provide spontaneously breathing patients with flow rates up to 140 L/min. These devices accommodate respiratory distress situations with minimal effort. The Oxygen Demand Valve provides 100% oxygen to the spontaneously breathing patient. The Demand Valve Resuscitator has the added benefits of manual ventilation button set at 40 L/min and a pressure relief system set at 60 cmH2O. Oxygen Demand Valve

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Oxygen Therapy Flow Controller Flow Therapy Only Regulator Pressure Only Regulator Multi Patient Unit The O-Two Medical series of flow and pressure regulators and flow controllers provide unbeatable quality and performance, ensuring maximum operating time on any cylinder. The “All Brass Construction” Regulators improve product safety by reducing the risk of exacerbating a regulator fire should it occur. With their offset gauge and small diameter bodies, the regulators are slim and lightweight. All aluminum shell regulators have a solid brass core for safety. Our therapy Flow Controllers...

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FINGER PULSE OXIMETER This small, compact, simple, reliable and durable Fingertip Pulse Oximeter greatly enhances patient care. With its 6 display modes and 10 brightness levels, the device is easy to read in any orientation and in any light condition. The graphic displays of SpO2 waveform and heart rate bar graph plus the numeric displays of SpO2 and heart rate provide the user with the information they require to assess the patient’s condition. The low-voltage operation provides for a 30 hour operating time under normal conditions. Designed to fit a wide range of patient sizes from...

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O-TWO®, CAREvent®, SMART BAG® MO, and Equinox® are registered trademarks of O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. Entonox® is a registered trademark of the British Oxygen Company Limited. ALnox® is a registered trademark of Air Liqu

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