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AUTOMATIC TRANSPORT VENTILATOR OfaA/O controlled ventilation MULTIPLE MODES, COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE The e500 ventilator ushers in a "new era” in controlled ventilation for resuscitation and patient transport! These electronically controlled, pneumatically powered ventilators provide a range of ventilation solutions for resuscitation and transport in the pre-hospital and in-hospital healthcare professionals. SIMPLICITY - The ventilation solutions offered by the e500 cannot be compared to any other products of its type. The units are self-contained and only require attachment to a regulated oxygen supply and a transport ventilation circuit for immediate use. The easily replaceable, long lasting (18 -24 hour) battery can be charged while inside the ventilator or can be removed for charging and quickly replaced by a fresh battery pack. The display lighting has adjustable brightness for easy visualization of the ventilator settings in any ambient light conditions. Designed for a range of patient sizes (from large adult to infant), the e500 comes in a very small and lightweight package. SAFETY - The continuous monitoring of ventilation parameters ensures that the device is always fully functional and ready for immediate use. The wide range of both visual and audible alarms provides the healthcare professional with warnings of any changes in patient or device parameters. Correction of any alarm is simple to achieve due to the compact and easy to operate control layout. The Intuitive Patient Apnea Backup (IPAB) mode provides additional security for the spontaneously breathing patient on CPAP by automatically commencing ventilations should their inspiratory efforts cease. FUNCTIONALITY - The simplicity of operation of the e500 provides controlled ventilation for both resuscitation and transport with the minimum of control adjustments required for simple patient set up. The range of Tidal Volumes and ventilation rates offered provide improved patient care for all resuscitation and transport situations in the prehospital and in-hospital setting. The inclusion of ventilation modes for “mask or protected airway CPR”, with visual and audible prompts, adds another dimension to the application of these products not found on other ventilators. CONTROLLABILITY - The e500 provides an “ease of use” concept that is second to none. These products are designed to speed up and simplify the initiation of ventilations by simply choosing the rate/volume. There are no multiple screens to scroll through to establish patient ventilation parameters. The units have an initial, pre-set, startup mode requiring only the selection of patient size to begin ventilation. ECONOMY - In addition to the patient care benefits, the e500 ventilator provides excellent low gas consumption and an extremely long battery operating time. This assists in providing controlled ventilation to the patient over an extended period, making the e500 ventilator ideal for long transports where both electrical and oxygen supplies are always a critical concern.

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Ventilator Circuit Start Screen CPR Screen Transport Ventilator Ventilation Screen Test Lung EASY TO USE AFFORDABLE LIGHTWEIGHT Simple Controls Exceptionally Low Price 2.4 kg / 5.29 lbs SPECIFICATIONS DEVICE CLASS PER MDD COMPLIANCE (DISPOSABLE) HOSE SYSTEM * BTPS: Volume measurements corrected to Body temperature 37 oC and Barometric pressure 101.3Kpa under saturated conditions (100% Humidity). Note: Measurement uncertainty: 5% for volume parameters and 6% for pressure parameters. THIS PRODUCT HAS A TWO YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST MANUFACTURERS DEFECTS. O-tWO www.otwo.com controlled™ ventilation...

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