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O-Two Equinox® Advantage egatnavdA ®xoniuqE owT-O ANALGESIC GAS MIXING AND DELIVERY SYSTEM

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O-TWO EQUINOX® ADVANTAGE The O-Two Equinox® Advantage Oxygen/ Nitrous Oxide Mixing and Delivery System allows you to control the mix of gas and oxygen a patient is receiving in order to provide the appropriate dose for the patient and the procedure. Designed for use everywhere from the pre-hospital (ambulance), Inhospital (ER, Labor and Delivery etc.) and Dental (Surgical Procedures), the portable Equinox® Advantage system is easy to use, and eliminates the risk of delivering a hypoxic mixture. output gas mixture at a constant ratio, over 8 settings, from 25% to 100% oxygen. Each of the two...

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