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• Straight backrest • Flat seat • Ergonomic anatomical backrest • Flat seat Seating • Flat seat • Contoured seat • Straight backrest • Contoured seat Support • Straight backrest • Ergonomic anatomical backrest: • Normal • Special shape for women • Delta shape • Ergonomic anatomical backrest • Contoured seat

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• Basic backrest hinge - mechanically adjustable • RCA backrest hinge - permanent adjustable • Adjusting wheel balance, seating height and seating angle through interface Riding • EasyHopper • OlympicHopper • SwayHopper • TripHopper • MultiHopper

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Product range EasyHopper Permitted user weight (reinforced frame) Total weight from Available seating width (per 2.5 cm) from/to Available seating depth (per 2.5 cm) from/to Available backrest heights (per 5 cm) from/to Suitable for manual backrest adjustment (RCA) Suitable for electrical drive (Alber) Standard wheel size drive wheel (24“) Standard front wheel size (5”) Optional wheel size drive wheel Optional wheel size front wheel Suitable for one-handed propulsion Suitable for Active Passive Module (AP-M) Suitable for AMF Bruns transporting system Suitable for mounting a handbike...

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