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Aurora™ & Alliance™ Wood To Set-up the Table: • Place the folded table sitting on the rubber bumpers; with the heel of your hand, bump the UniLock™ tab between the face rest outlets and the table will open. (Fig. 1) • Open the table up until the legs are fully extended. Remove the face rest. (Fig. 2) • Turn the table on its side with the rubber bumpers down. If you own a face-rest, store it under the table (Fig. 5). Partially close the table top. • Fold the legs into the table and make sure the armrest is laying flat and the cables are inside of the table. Push the two halves of your table together to lock. (Fig. 6). • When the table is fully opened, tilt the table upright until all four feet are on the floor. Lift one end of the table, press down on the middle and tension the cables a little. (Fig. 3) To Change the Table Height: Fig. 3 Shiatsu Cable • Choose the hole that represents the desired height and after removing the knob, put the bolt through that hole. Replace and tighten the knob by hand until snug. Repeat on all other leg extensions, setting all extensions at same height. (Fig.4) NOTE: Oakworks® is not liable for injuries or damages sustained when table is not used in the manner prescribed. • To open/adjust - Release velcro tab located under the center end of the table and pull up. Raise the center of the backrest, stopping at desired height To close, raise the backrest fully and lower to closed position. Re-attach velcro tab to hold backrest in closed position. Refer to warning on under side of table for precautions. • Shiatsu Cables must be installed as shown when using table in normal height ranges. Dynamic Load Rating: 550 lbs. Shiatsu option must be installed as shown. Made in the U.S.A. with U.S. & Imported Parts All portable tables: Unilock™ Integra Hinge™ • Fold the legs against the underside and lay the table down flat on the floor. (Fig. 8). • Make sure that both sides of the tilting hardware are on the same setting and are both locked in place. • • With the table on its side, remove the wing nut from the bolt and remove long brace, cable and washers from the short brace. Reassemble them without the cable. Repeat on the second wing nut. • Turn the Unilock™ clasp to the side (Fig. 7) When Using Shiatsu Option: 923 East Wellspring Rd., New Freedom, PA 17349 U.S. Patent 5,009,170 Patent Pending U.S. Patent 5,943,965 Part No. MMINWC0003 - Aurora & Alliance Wood Toll Free Phone: 800-558-8850 Phone: 717-235-6

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