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Px series Exam Table • 4 designs to choose from • Up to 3 powered motions • ADA compliant height range PX300 shown in Opal fabric, with optional Bone Lacquer, Locking Casters, and Arm Rest accessories orthopedic hi-lo casting table

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Px series - 2

The PX Series Exam Tables give you the flexibility to create the perfect table for your needs at a lower price point. A wide array of options and accessories combine with great ergonomics and patient comfort to deliver a great value. Px series Exam Table low height range for easy patient transfers Electric 4 Section Top orthopedic hi-lo casting table Px SERIES Exam TABLES features OPTIONS must be ordered with table. Locking Twin Casters (one end of the table) To easily move your table in the room Pull out from under table, fully adjustable (PX300 31” W) Stirrups (Retractable Foot Rests)...

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Px series - 3

adjustable side arm rests #66760-T* Adjust to a wide range of angles & lengths to accommodate any patient or procedure. Retractable design stores inside the table. These incredibly versatile, removable arm rests rotate horizontally and always stay level. 7” (18cm) wide at widest point x 23.5” (60cm) long universal table extender #68697-T* 3” padding #68735-T* 4” padding Perfect as a head rest or foot rest, it has two rods that fit into outlets on the table. Extends table to 84”. 21” (53cm) W x 12.5” (32cm) L accessory Casters quicklock™ head rest & Aero·Cel PAD #PKG4186-T* The platform...

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Px series - 4

px series exam table terratouch™ fabric Meets the requirements of ISO 10993-1:2009 Biological Evaluation of Medical Tables and passes testing for Cytotoxicity, Skin Irritation and Sensitization as well as CA TB117 Fire Retardance testing. For disinfecting purposes you may use Protex, MadaCide, MadaWipe, Accell TB, Virox® (Canada), PDI Duper Sani-Cloth Germicidal wipe or a diluted 1/10 bleach solution. Pewter-T29 Blue Grass-T24 Forest-T14 Coal-T01 Stone-T13 We strive to ensure that the colors displayed on our product imagery (online and in print) are as accurate as possible. However, due to...

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