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Interested in integrating VISENSIA® into your product? The Visensia Software Development Kit has been designed to enable easy integration of the Visensia algorithm ■ Algorithm that calculates Visensia Index and alerting conditions, based upon the combined patterns of a patient's five vital signs including: Heart Rate Respiration Rate Temperature Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen ■ Documentation to enable easy integration of Visensia algorithm ■ Validation and Verification documentation ■ Example applications using the algorithm ■ Easy and fast integration of the Visensia Index into your product ■ Fast development using tested and validated software components ■ Technical support to ensure your development team can tackle any SDK issues ■ Faster verification of your implementation using pre-supplied test procedures ■ Access to existing clinical evidence and validation of the Visensia algorithm ■ Developed to IS013485, EN62304 Class C, IS014971 standards and 21CFR 820 ■ Trademark Images and Branding information ■ User Interface Guidelines ■ Escrow options available Current Compatibility: If you would like to know more about Visensia SDK and how to integrate this patented and clinically validated algorithm into your Patient Monitoring Systems, please contact us via: Brook House, 174 Brook Drive, Milton Park Abingdon, Oxfordshire, 0X14 4SD, United Kingdom

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