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The Obtura III MAX® – the latest generation Obtura®.

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Welcome to the The Obtura III MAX® – the latest generation Obtura®. The latest in thermoplastic obturation – the Obtura III MAX provides Obtura Spartan customers with the same great clinical benefit they have come to expect from earlier Obtura solutions, while fine-tuning the product to better respond to the changing needs of the endodontic market. Moving forward, the canal shapes you create with newer, more effective instruments will demand the highest amount of tactile control to replicate those shapes during obturation. Take your next obturation procedure to the For over 25 years, one great back fill after another, Obtura Spartan has set the standard for obturation solutions with its Obtura line of heated gutta percha systems. Call today about our special Trade-In Offer! This special applies to both Obtura Spartan-brand obturation systems and competing warm gutta percha systems. Call your Obtura rep today to learn more about this limited-time off

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Our clinically-acclaimed Heated Gutta Percha System just got better! The Obtura III MAX’s reliable operation drives our unmatched 2-year warranty! The Obtura III MAX offers a completely retooled electronic board to further enhance the long-term reliability of your heated gutta-percha system. In fact, we’re so confident in the dependable, repeatable clinical operation of this unit that we have doubled our traditional service warranty. New, enhanced thermal protector significantly reduces heat around patient contact surfaces with a new, sleek design that drives warm air away from the tip of...

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