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Ocean Optics provides the most Our fiber accessories, fixtures and flexible line of optical fibers available. fiber assembly kits allow you to easily We craft our standard and custom connect or manipulate fibers and To get the most from your Ocean fiber assemblies to provide you years integrate them into the most Optics optical fiber, it’s important to of reliable, accurate results. You can challenging application setups. use special care in handling. Never depend on Ocean Optics for bend or wind fibers tightly and al- everything from one-off patch cords ways store in a cool, dry place. and custom assemblies to OEM builds for virtually any application you can imagine.

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Fibers and ProbesThe Most Flexible Line in the Industry Anatomy of an Assembly At the fiber's core is pure silica; it's the diameter of the core that you need to consider when purchasing an optical fiber assembly. (The core diameter is often in the product's item code. For example, the QP600-UV-VIS has a 600 pm diameter silica core). Surrounding the core is a doped-fluorine silica cladding. A buffer material is then applied. A buffer coats the core and cladding , strengthens the fiber and reduces stray light even further. In most assemblies polyimide is used as the buffer; other assemblies...

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Standard Assemblies and Probes From these half-dozen standard fiber designs, you can tackle an extensive range of absorbance, emission and reflectance spectroscopy needs. All Ocean Optics fibers have SMA 905 terminations for connecting to our spectrometers and accessories. Custom configurations, multiple-fiber bundles and special ferrule designs are also available. Premium Fiber BX and Standard Jackets Patch Cord Assemblies Fibers and Probes: Overview Round to Keyed Linear Fiber Our patch cord assemblies consist of a single fiber. Our standard, premium-grade options are available with...

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Fibers and Probes: Overview Transmission Characteristics of UV-VIS Options Ocean Optics offers fiber material types with wavelength ranges to best match your application. On these pages are the attenuation curves for each of the fiber types we offer. High OH, or high water content fiber, is optimized for transmission in the UV-VIS. For work in the UV, especially <300 nm, our XSR and UV/SR-VIS fibers are a fine choice. These silica-core fibers are doped with fluorine to mitigate the solarizing effects of UV radiation. An Applications Scientist can provide additional assistance. UV-VIS High...

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Transmission Characteristics of VIS-NIR and Mid-IR Options Ocean Optics offers several options for applications at higher wavelengths. For most Visible and Shortwave NIR setups, our low OH VIS-NIR fibers are a convenient, affordable option. If your work takes you farther into the NIR and mid-IR, consider our fluoride and chalcogenide fiber options. ZBLAN heavy-metal fluoride fibers are responsive to 4500 nm and distinguished by excellent IR transmittance performance. Chalcogenide fibers are responsive from 2000-6000 nm and characterized by low optical loss and great flexibility. VIS-NIR Low...

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Premium Grade Optical Fiber Assemblies Our premium-grade fibers are durable, high quality fibers optimized for spectroscopy and enhanced with extra strain relief for use even in demanding environments. We have a full range of standard patch cords and can customize assemblies (see pages 138-139 for options). Also available are assemblies (see table at bottom) consisting of multiple fibers stacked in a linear arrangement at one end to deliver light more efficiently into the spectrometer. Premium-Grade Assemblies Keyed SMA Optical Fiber Assemblies Keyed SMA Optical Fiber Assemblies, Round to...

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Bifurcated Optical Fiber AssembliesPremium-grade bifurcated assemblies have two fibers in the common end of the assembly that break out into separate legs. Splitters comprise three fibers epoxied at the nexus of a Y-shaped assembly and have lower transmission efficiency than bifurcated fibers. Premium-grade Bifurcated Optical Fiber Assemblies Note: Fiber bend radius is expressed as Long Term (LTBR) and Short Term (STBR).

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Fibers and ProbesCustom Fiber and Probe AssembliesCustom FibersWavelength Diameter Number of Jacketing Connectors Ferrules VIS NIR Low OH content 400 2100 nm Zip Tube Blue PVOF Process-grade SMA 90S with O ring Stainless Sted or PEEK After selecting the best fiber type, you should consider the diameter size of the pure silica core needed inside of your assembly. We offer several diameter sizes, and can recommend the appropriate assembly based on these criteria: 1. How much light do you need for your application? Reflection and fluorescence applications generally need more light, and larger...

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Fibers and Probes Custom Fiber and Probe Assemblies Custom Option: Jacketing Options The fiber assembly jacketing is designed to protect the fiber and provide strain relief. But we have jacketing options that can do so much more. We offer multiple jacketing options; our most popular selections are listed below. Custom Option: Connectors and Connector Adapters Our fiber assemblies are available with several connector options. For an upgrade fee that includes the cost of the custom connector and labor, we will replace the standard SMA 905 Connector (included in the assembly price) with any...

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Reflection/Backscattering Probes Our Reflection Probes are ideal for measuring diffuse or specular reflectance from solid surfaces or backscattering and fluorescence in solutions and powders. Probes are available in lab-grade (R-series) and premium-grade (QR-series) versions. Choose from nearly 40 standard options or customize a probe by selecting different lengths and other features. Our most typical reflection probe design has a tightly packed 6-around-1 fiber bundle to ensure parallel orientation of the fibers. Reflection probes couple to our spectrometers and light sources to...

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Reflection/Backscattering Probes for Expanded Wavelength Coverage The QR200-12-MIXED has 14 fibers -- six UV-VIS and six VIS-NIR illumination fibers, plus one UV-VIS and one VIS-NIR read fiber (see bundle photo at left). It couples easily to a dual-channel spectrometer in which each channel is set for a different wavelength range. Item Code: QR200-12-MIXED Angled Reflection Probe Our Angled Reflection Probes have a 6-around-1 fiber design with a 30° window to remove specular effects when the probe is immersed in liquids or powders. Reflection Probe With Reference Leg A © = Read Fiber d) =...

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