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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy Meet Jaz® – the world’s coolest modular measuring suite. traditional optical sensing instrumentation. Its unique features Like nothing you’ve ever seen be- and expandable platform make it fore, Jaz is a community of stackable, uniquely suited for field applications, modular and autonomous instru- remote sensing, process flow, quality ments that combine to create the ultimate in smart sensing for lab, field and anywhere your work takes you. Jaz brings you an unparalleled level of flexibility. With replaceable slits, a choice of various modules and more, Jaz is what you make

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 2

Smarter than the Average Spectrometer Meet the Jaz Modular Sensing Suite We designed Jaz® to incorporate a number of autonomous modules that share common networking and electronics. Because of its modular design, high-performance spectrometer, Ethernet connectivity, battery operation and PC-free performance, Jaz is nimble in a virtually endless array of applications. And, since your Jaz can operate independently of your computer, there’s no limit to where it can take you. Customize your Jaz modules to include light sources, multiple channels and more. The choices are only limited by your...

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 3

Here’s How it Breaks Down Jaz Spectrometer Module - Benchmarked to the performance standards of the USB2000+ Spectrometer - 200-1100 nm Sony ILX511B CCD array detector - Multiple gratings available Ethernet Module - 128 x 64 OLED display - Choice of two screen/button orientations - Embedded microprocessor for data processing - Custom programmable scripting Industrial Module (Indy) Battery Module - Mbps, IEEE 802.3 compliant connectivity 100 - SD card slot Enables remote access via any computer on the - same network Single-cable solution that provides PoE - Side Mount Module VIS/NIR Light...

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 4

Under the Hood Mix and match Jaz modules to create a smart, reliable system specifically for your own application.Not sure which configuration best suits your application? Contact an Ocean Optics Applications Scientist or visit us online at www.oceanoptics.com. Spectrometer

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 5

Preconfigured Jaz Systems Portable Setups for Field and Beyond At the heart of the Jaz-ULM-200 is a spectroradiometrically calibrated spectrometer with built-in microprocessor and display. Also in the instrument stack is an Ethernet module for remote measurements, a battery module for handheld or field operation and a mounting fixture for orienting the system in different positions. Additional components include SD cards for data storage, a direct-attach cosine corrector for collecting radiation within a 180° Field of View, and both soft-sided and Pelican-brand carrying cases. Special...

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 6

Preconfigured Jaz SystemsPortable Setups for Field and Beyona Thanks to its small footprint, built-in computing power and onboard display, Jaz is an excellent option for field applications of all types. Build your own Jaz setup or select from one of these fully integrated, application-ready options: Jaz-EL Spectrometers We offer three versions of a lightweight, portable spectrometer system complete with integrated Lithium-Ion battery, SD card storage of your spectra and software for post-processing of data back in the lab. Each option is available with our standard line of Jaz accessories....

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 7

Jaz SpectroClip and Field Accessories Convenient T ools for Jaz Field Analysis We offer several handy tools for your Jaz field work, including extra battery power options, sampling devices and carrying cases. Thanks to its small size, built-in computing power and monolithic design, Jaz is ideal for applications requiring portability and reliability. Jaz SpectroClip SpectroClip is the perfect handheld device for measuring thin materials and other samples in the field and is especially suited to chlorophyll analysis in leaves and other plants. With SpectroClip and a suitable Jaz or other...

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 8

The Jaz SpectrometerSmart Design Makes all the Difference We took a page from our USB2000+ miniature spectrometer and built the Jaz spectrometer module to be just as powerful and just as accurate. The system's 2048-pixel, Sony ILX511B linear silicon CCD array detector delivers outstanding performance and -- though Jaz's Czerny-Turner optical bench may be familiar -- the rest of the Jaz spectrometer module is anything but ordinary. Longpass Absorbing Filter We offer longpass absorbing or blocking filters - each with a transmission band and a blocking band to restrict radiation to a certain...

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 9

Optical Bench Options: Gratings The graphs below are grating efficiency curves for gratings with groove densities of 500, 600, 1200, 1800 and 2400 mm-1. Additional information is available at www.oceanoptics.com/Products/bench_grating_usb.asp. Relative Efficiency Relative Efficiency Relative Efficiency Absolute Efficiency Relative Efficiency Grating Selection Tips: - ou must specify a grating for each Jaz spectrometer channel. Y - hese efficiency curves relate only to the grating. System response is T affected by a number of variables, including detector response. - rating selection often...

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 10

Jaz DPU and Microprocessor ModuleThe Brains of the Operation JAZ-DPU-GPIO-2, JAZ-DPU-GPIO-R Jaz DPU Module The Jaz DPU module combines a powerful onboard microprocessor and 128 x 64 OLED display that delivers clear and vivid viewing of spectra in real time. This clever user interface features an intuitive menu-driven system and touchpad and is available in two orientations to ensure convenient operation. Its embedded microprocessor provides quick and reliable data processing and easily orchestrates up to 8 spectrometer modules for multipoint sampling. Item Codes: JAZ-DPU-GPIO-2,...

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Jaz Modular Spectroscopy - 11

JAZ-B Battery Module The Jaz Battery and External Memory Module is built on a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that provides up to 8 hours battery life. It allows autonomous data collection with power-conserving sleep mode for long-term measurements. The Jaz Battery Module also includes two SD card slots for memory, applications and data storage. High-capacity SD cards (>2 GB) are not compatible with the battery module. Item Code: JAZ-B Jaz Solar Battery Supply The Jaz Solar Pack is a handy accessory that powers and recharges your Jaz unit via its mini-USB cable. Jaz Solar Pack recharges...

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