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Our line of cleverly designed light sources covers the entire UV-NIR wavelength range and combines innovation with reliability to give you serious performance and precision. These low-cost, modular light sources feature SMA 905 connectors for quick and easy connection. From design features like built-in filter slots to optional accessories such as direct-attach cuvette holders, nothing is more convenient and simple to use than Ocean Optics light sources. «*Tip For long bulb life and accurate results, always allow your Ocean Optics light source to warm up for the recommended amount of time prior to use.

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Light Sources Light SourcesSources for Illumination, Excitation and Calibration The development of Ocean Optics miniature spectrometers created the need for comparably sized and priced accessories, including light sources. Since no such sources existed, we developed our own -- compact, modular sources for illumination, excitation and calibration. Our light sources for illumination cover various wavelength ranges to enable absorbance, transmission and reflectance measurements from the deep UV to the mid-IR. Light-emitting diodes produce output for fluorescence measurements. For...

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T ools For Manipulating Light Modifying Light Light Sources Light Sources Ocean Optics products give you countless options for modifying the light transmitted to your spectrometer’s detector. Depending on your application needs, we provide a number of methods for changing the way light interacts with your configuration. For high-intensity applications such as laser characterization, steps must be taken to avoid detector saturation. In other cases, changing the fiber size or adding mirrors to your spectrometer bench may increase light collection efficiency. Entrance Aperture: Slit An...

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Light Sources DH-2000-BAL Balanced Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source We've applied our expertise in patterned dichroic filters to create the only combined-spectrum illumination source available that eliminates saturation and signal-to-noise issues associated with the D-alpha line in deuterium sources. Our DH-2000-BAL Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source combines deuterium and tungsten halogen light sources into a single optical path that produces a powerful, stable output from 215-2500 nm. About the D-alpha Line All deuterium-tungsten halogen sources have a D-alpha line, revealed...

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Light Sources DH-2000 Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source Our DH-2000 Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source combines the continuous spectrum of deuterium and tungsten halogen light sources into a single optical path for powerful output from 215-2500 nm. In addition, Deep-UV versions of our DH-2000 are available with a 190-2000 nm range. Options and Accessories: Shutter and Filter Holder Integrated shutters are available for your DH-2000 and can be driven by either a switch or a TTL signal. You can also include a filter holder with the source that accepts filters up to 4 mm in...

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Light Sources DT-MINI-2-GS Mini Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source UV-NIR Spectral Range The DT-MINI-2-GS Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source combines the continuous spectrum of an RF-excited deuterium UV light source and a tungsten halogen VIS-NIR light source in a single optical path. The combined-spectrum sources produce stable spectral output from ~215-2500 nm in a compact package. Powerful Output - 0.5 mm Aperture The DT-MINI-2-GS Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source also utilizes a bulb with a 0.5-mm diameter aperture. It also has a shutter for blocking the light path,...

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Deuterium Light Source The D-2000 Deuterium Light Source delivers robust, even output from 215-400 nm with peak-to-peak stability of less than 0.005% and drift of only +/-0.5% per hour. D-2000 is also available in a Deep-UV configuration that provides you a wavelength range of 190-400 nm. D2000-S-DUV Series Spectral Output Light Sources Options and Accessories Integrated shutters are also available with the D-2000 and can be driven by a TTL signal. All versions of the D-2000 have an SMA 905 Connector for easy coupling to our spectrometers and fiber optic accessories, a safety shutter for...

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Light Sources HPX-2000 High-Powered Continuous Wave Xenon Light Source High Power Output The HPX-2000 Xenon Light Source is a high-power source that is a brilliant companion for fluorescence applications and for other applications where a high-intensity lamp is necessary. The 35-watt, short-arc lamp supplies a continuous spectrum from the UV through the NIR (185-2000 nm). Integrated Shutter The HPX-2000 features an integrated shutter that can be triggered by either a switch or by a TTL signal. The HPX-2000 also comes equipped with a slot for filters up to 25 mm in diameter or 25 mm square...

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Light Sources - 9

Versatile UV Source The PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp is a high flash rate, short-arc xenon lamp for the UV (220-750 nm). It's great for applications requiring absorbance, reflection, fluorescence and phosphorescence measurements, and especially suited for measuring optically or thermally labile samples. The PX-2 operates at speeds up to 220 Hz, offers excellent pulse-to-pulse stability and has two trigger modes for software control of the flash rate. About the PX-2 Any external TTL positive pulse can be used to trigger the PX-2. With the PX-2 coupled to a USB Series spectrometer, you can...

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Light Sources - 10

Light Sources HL2000 Series Spectral Output HL-2000 Tungsten Halogen Light Source Measured with HR2000+ Spectrometer with 25 |jm Slit and 400 |jm Optical Fiber

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Cool RedInfrared Light Source The Cool Red works beautifully as a complement to mid-infrared analyzers or in any spectroscopy application where high-intensity infrared light is required. Cool Red is especially useful for applications in the region from 1000-5000 nm. For systems that require optical modulation, an integrated optical shutter can be modulated at frequencies of up to 200 Hz. The shutter can be driven externally through a 15-pin digital interface. If no external drive is available, the shutter can be driven internally by an integrated adjustable square wave generator. Frequency...

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