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Sampling Accessories Sampling Accessories Our modular components can be easily configured for absorbance, transmission, reflectance, fluorescence, emission or scattering experiments. These fiber optic sampling accessories create the optical interface of our modular spectrometer systems. And, with so many sampling accessories to choose from, Ocean Optics can readily meet the demands of your unique application needs. Tip Collimating lenses are among our most versatile sampling accessories. Lenses convert divergent beams of radiation into a parallel beam and are optimized for UV-NIR wavelengths. With collimating lenses, you can adjust for variables such as FOV, collection efficiency, spatial resolution and lens transmission and acceptance angles.

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Sampling Accessories Sampling Accessories A Sea of T ools for Sample Handling Your optimal choice of sampling accessory depends on the application. Are you measuring absorbance, reflectance or emission? Is your sample a solid or solution? Does it have a smooth, even surface or an irregular surface? Do you need to collect radiation from a particular field of view? Those are just a few of the many questions that enter into your sampling accessory decision. And, much like your choice of spectrometer and optical bench accessories, the key question is a simple one: Why are you making the...

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Sampling Accessories Choosing Your Accessory by Measurement Type We proudly offer a full range of Sampling Accessories that help you obtain accurate, reliable measurements in virtually any environment. Sampling Accessories 1-cm Cuvette Holder See Page 110 10-cm Cuvette Holder See Page 110 Longpass Flow Cells See Page 116 Fluorescence 4-way Cuvette Holder Linear Variable Filters Flow Cells See Page 110 See Page 127 See Page 114 Cosine Correctors LED Power Supply See Page 118 See Page 118 Integrating Spheres See Page 119 Collimating Lenses See Page 108 Reflectance Diffuse...

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Sampling Accessories Sampling AccessoriesCollimating Lenses 74-Series Lens Fixtures Our 74-Series Collimating Lens Fixtures are the common fiber optic-coupled lens fixtures used throughout our extensive line of sampling accessories. They feature an inner barrel threaded for SMA 905 Connectors. 74-UV Collimating Lens (200-2000 nm) The 74-UV has an f/2 fused silica lens for 200-2000 nm. When focused for collimation, beam divergence is 2° or less, depending on fiber diameter. The 74-UV can be adjusted for UV-VIS or VIS-NIR setups. 74-90-UV Collimating Lens (200-2000 nm) The 74-90-UV features a...

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ACH-CUV-VAR Adjustable Collimating Lens and Cuvette Holder The ACH-CUV-VAR Adjustable Collimating Lens and Cuvette Holder is two products in one: a fixture for positioning collimating lenses at various heights or for holding extra-large or especially thick samples, and a holder for accepting cuvettes for transmission measurements. As a lens holder, the ACH-CUV-VAR has an anodized aluminum base and adjustable mount bars with 3/8-24 threaded holes for collimating lenses (two 74-UV Collimating Lenses are included). The bars can be adjusted to accept samples up to ~150 mm thick and the base is...

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Sampling Accessories Sampling AccessoriesCuvette Holders CUV-UV Holder for 1-cm Cuvettes The CUV-UV Cuvette Holder for 1 -cm pathlength cuvettes couples via SMA 905-terminated optical fibers to Ocean Optics high-sensitivity miniature fiber optic spectrometers and light sources to create small-footprint spectrophotometric systems for absolute absorbance measurements of aqueous solutions. This compact cuvette holder is optimized for UV-VIS-NIR. (~200-2000 nm) applications. CUV-UV-10 Holder for 10-cm Cuvettes The CUV-UV-10 Cuvette Holder for 10-cm pathlength cuvettes couples via SMA...

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CUV-QPOD-2e Temperature-Controlled Cuvette Holder The qpod™ is a temperature-regulated sample compartment for fiber optic spectroscopy that controls the temperature of standard 1 -cm square cuvettes to +/-0.05 °C. The unit includes a Peltier controller, magnetic stirrer and fused silica focusing lenses, and has SMA 905 connectors for easy coupling to Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories. The qpod is built for cuvettes with a Z-dimension of 8.5 mm. Sampling Accessories When combined with Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories, the qpod is especially useful for absorbance and...

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Sampling Accessories Sampling AccessoriesIntegrated Sampling Systems These Integrated Sampling Systems are direct-attach cuvette holder and light source combinations created specifically for our USB2000+ and USB4000 Spectrometers (page 14). Both systems receive power and control signals though a connector on the spectrometer. USB-ISS-UV-VIS Integrated Sampling System The USB-ISS-UV-VIS Integrated Sampling System is a direct-attach sample holder and deuterium tungsten halogen light source (200-1100 nm) combination for 1-cm square cuvettes. The USB-ISS-UV-VIS allows you to adjust the...

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Disposable Cuvettes Our CVD-Series Disposable Cuvettes are a low-cost, zero-maintenance alternative to quartz cuvettes. They feature a 1 -cm pathlength, 220-900 nm or 350-900 nm wavelength range coverage and a variety of fill volumes. Quick tip: You can use a single cuvette for your measurements, but take care to rinse the cuvette thoroughly with the next sample being analyzed in order to eliminate cross-over contamination. Oils from your skin, particles from wiping tissues and other contaminants also can affect the readings. In addition, proper positioning of cuvettes is important. The...

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Sampling Accessories Sampling Accessories Flow Cells for Flow Injection Analysis We offer a variety of optical flow cells with a Z configuration. For measuring the optical absorbance of fluids, couple Z cells directly to our spectrometers to monitor chemical or biological processes and immunoassays. In our FIA-Z-SMA Flow Cells, standard optical fibers (available separately) connect to the SMA 905 fittings to transmit and receive light through the central axis of the Z. The FIA-Z-SMA cells use silica windows as wetting surfaces at each fiber optic junction and are available in PEEK...

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