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USB2000+ Spectrometer The USB2000+ is a versatile, general-purpose UV-Vis spectrometer for absorption, transmission, reflectance, emission, color and other applications between 200-1100 nm. Its compact size, robust optoelectronics and easy modularity make it one of the most popular spectrometers in the world, supporting thousands of applications. | | US +1 727-733-2447 EUROPE +31 26-3190500 ASIA +86 21-6295-6600

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Flexible Design, Great Performance The USB2000+ is a modular spectrometer. You can select a model that is preconfigured for a particular application or you can build your own. Our Application Sales Engineers help you with selection of grating, slits and optical bench accessories, as well as sampling accessories such as fibers, light sources, sampling holders, filter holders, flow cells, fiber optic probes and integrating spheres. At the heart of the USB2000+ is a 2048-element CCD array detector in a robust, high-speed optoelectronic design that provides remarkable performance for a...

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