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Advanced Operation - 1

Advanced Operation Stair Mode Sequence PROPRIO FOOT® default settings: Stair Mode 4º Mode Sequence Relax Mode ON Chair Exit Mode only PROPRIO FOOT® default settings: Relax Mode OFF Troubleshooting: Do not fit boots or shoes that cover the ankle area! The PROPRIO FOOT® will not function properly if ankle motion is restricted in any way. An alarm and vibratory warning will sound if the ankle gets stuck. Reset the ankle by turning it OFF and then ON.

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Advanced Operation - 2

Advanced Operation Function BEEP 2 BEEPS=ON 3 BEEPS=OFF Power ON/OFF 1× Start 1× Move 1× Complete Manual motor movement Sound ON/OFF Calibration ON/OFF Note: Keypad will be disabled after 60 seconds of inactivity. Turn the POWER on again to enable the keypad once more. Quick Reference Card Prosthetist Proprio-Foot®

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