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Iceross® Transfemoral Liner


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Iceross® Transfemoral Liner - 1

ICEROSS® TRANSFEMORAL LOCKING LINER Iceross Transfemoral is the first suspension liner exclusively designed to provide maximum stability and control for transfemoral amputees. With new textile that has improved the adhesion by 25%, the fabric cover is extremely durable and allows radial stretch and comfortable elasticity. Össur recommends that Iceross Transfemoral Liner is used in conjunction with the Icelock® 200 Series. Amputation Level: Impact Level: Size Standard: Size Conical: Full Length SUSPENSION METHOD FEATURES FABRIC ACTIVE SKIN SILKEN INNE COVER CARE SURFACE PART NUMBER INFORMATION - ICEROSS TRANSFEMORAL LINER Full Length Full Length OSSUR AMERICAS 27051 Towne Centre Drive Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 ÖSSUR, Life Without Limitations'

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Iceross® Transfemoral Liner - 2

ICEROSS® LINERS BY ÖSSUR TRANSTIBIAL SELECTION Careful selection of the Iceross liner is required to produce maximum benefit to the user. When selecting the appropriate transtibial Iceross liner the following must be considered: 1. Size of the residual limb 2. Activity/Impact level of the user With the tissue of the residual limb hanging down, measure 4cm proximal to the distal end of the limb and mark this point on the skin. Measure the circumference of the limb at this point with medium tension on the tape measure. The measurement taken corresponds to the size of Iceross to be used....

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Iceross® Transfemoral Liner - 3

iceross® Liners by össur Transtibial Selection 2. IMPACT LEVELS 3. FITTING AIDS The profile of the Iceross is cylindrical with a rounded distal end. This design accommodates most residual limb shapes. There are occasions, however, when a patient will exhibit an unusual or irregular residual limb shape that does not enable a total contact fit between the skin and the Iceross. The fitting aids are designed to work in conjunction with the Iceross to change the profile of unusual or irregular residual limb shapes to match that of the Iceross. This process is known as profile matching. Assess...

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