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Amvex Medical Gas Flowmeters (ISO) Product Specifications Product Weight Product Dimensions Package Dimensions Transport/Storage Temperatures Specialty Flowmeters The complete line of Amvex® Thorpe style Flowmeters range from Neonatal to Adult. All Flowmeters come with a standard 1/8” FNPT connection, but may be customized to fit your needs. They have impact resistant flow tubes and shrouds with solid brass bodies for durability. MR conditional options are also available. CE options are available for the Amvex Thorpe style Flowmeters. They are available in USA and ISO colors and meet all applicable regulatory requirements. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. • Back pressure compensated so flow accuracy is not affected by restrictions • Available in a range of flows from 200cc/min to 70 L/min • Available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Heliox and CO2 and N2O • Color coded inner tube and labeling SATISFACTION GUARANTEED • White background for enhanced visibility “D” Shape Knob • No strip “D” shape knob • Includes an inlet filter and inlet extension • Available in 50, 60, and 72.5 psi source pressure

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Product Specifications Flowmeters are calibrated at the pressure indicated on the Flow Tube, 21°C (70°F), at standard atmospheric pressure. Product Configurator PATIENT CONNECTION Puritan Bennet PB Oxequip XQ MedStar MS Schrader SH British BOC BM German DIN GM French AFNOR FM Scandanavian AGA ZM Australian SIS AH Japanese/Korean JM Specify ‘Did’ by adding ‘D’ to the very end of the part number (see Additional Options in matrix above). Basic matrix shown. Not all configurations are possible. US & ISO are calibrated at 50 PSI. Neutral is calibrated at 414kPa (60 PSI). Contact your sales...

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