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suction and oxygen therapy always there for life

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Care-e-vacr 3 is a high-vacuum and high-(low AC/DC-powered suction unit. It provides suction wherever wall suction is unavailable. Care-e-vac 3 is packaged in a compact, durable, molded polycarbonate and ABS blended case. The unit is compact and very lightweight. It is an excellent choice for hospital code carts, patient transport and wherever battery powered suction is needed. An optional floor stand and crash cart mount are available. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Vacuum Range: 12 VDC oil -less diaphragm type Collection Device 8M cc disposable plastic with mechanical shutoff (adjustable...

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battery/ac powered aspirator ORAL/TRACHEAL ASPIRATION Robust vacuum gauge displays suction in mmHg. Carrying handle and hydrophilic biter included. Peirmanerilly atlached power cord cannot be Diaphragm pump vacuum port. Vacuum knob vacuum level. Metal canister bracket ADDITIONAL FEATURES & BENEFITS Constant suction providing 550 mmHg and 50 LPM free air flew Easy to clean and process for quick turnarounds

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AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES Crash Cart Mount Adapter Kit Crash Cart Mount Replacement Sealed Lead Acid Ballery Carlisler Only Repl. Kit, 800 cc, Lid Included (Pkg ol 10) Canister Only Repl. Kit, SOO cc, Lid Included (Pkg of 25) Canister Only Repl. Kit, 1200 cc, Lid Included (Pkg of 10) Canister Only Repl. Kit. 1200 cc. Lid Included (Pkg of 25) Filter, Hydrophobic with 8" Tubing Kit. 800 cc. Aspirating Change-Out (Case of 10) Kit, 800 cc Aspirating Change-out (Case of 25) PORTABLE SUCTION MACHINES SUCTION & OXYGEN THERAPY DEVICES MEDICAL GAS PIPELINE EQUIPMENT VACUUM 4 AIR COMPRESSOR PACKAGES AND...

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