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High Flow and High Suction

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Care-e-vac 3 DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION Care-e-vac 3 is high-vacuum and high-flow AC/DC powered portable suction aspirator. The aspirator's high suction capacity and its easy handling assist medical personnel carrying out effective and proven patient procedures. It is an excellent choice for hospital code carts, patient transport and wherever strong battery powered suction is needed. Care-e-vac 3 contains a rechargeable battery monitoring system that is designed to hold the battery at optimal charge, without harmful overcharging. The internal battery monitoring system will: ■ Bring the...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Part Number Constant suction providing 550mmHg and 50 L/min free air flow Permanently Attached Power cord cannot be lost c misplaced Metal Canister Bracket adjusts to accommodate canisters up to 1200cc Easy to clean and process for quick turnaround Compact and lightweight Crash cart mount (optional) 3-year warranty Permanently attached power cord

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care-e-vac 3 - 4 | 1111 Lakeside Dr. Gurnee, IL. 60031 | 1.866.549.6446

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