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The Tube Style Integrated flowmeter Always there when you need it

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Ohio Medical® has a flowmeter that won't be moved or lost. The new Tube Style Integrated Flowmeter which combines a tube style flowmeter and a medical gas outlet into one simple, compact design - helping to reduce replacement/repair costs. And, as an added bonus, the gas outlet offers an extra port - giving you the flexibility to attach another flowmeter, hose or ventilator. Now, you can do a whole lot more, in a lot less space. Rest assured you will always have a flowmeter when you and your patients need one most. The Tube Style Integrated Flowmeter. Always there when you need it.

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ONE UNIQUE OUTLET. TWO RELIABLE PORTS. A n d m a n y m o r e r e a s o n s y o u ’ l l w a n t t h e I n t e g r a t e d F l o w m e t e r. REDUCE WORRY AND FRUSTRATION Respiratory Therapists and Nurses: Stop searching for a flowmeter. With the Integrated Flowmeter, once it’s installed, it will always be there when you need it. AVOID UNNECESSARY REPLACEMENT / REPAIR COSTS Biomedical Engineers: The Tube Style Integrated Flowmeter can help you save time and money because it reduces the number of lost or damaged flowmeters you reorder and/or repair each year. UNIQUE PRODUCT OFFERING Plumbing...

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PERMANENTLY AFFIXED TO THE WALL It will always be there when you and your patients need it most, helping to increase patient safety and minimize cross contamination. MORE FEATURES AND BENEFITS: FLOW RATE OPTIONS Ranges available for Oxygen: 0-200 CCM, 0-1 LPM, 0-3.5 LPM, 0-8 LPM and 0-15 LPM TUBE STYLE FLOWMETER Same look and feel as the ones you’re used to working with – only difference is that this one isn’t going anywhere. (0-0.0071 SCFM, 0-0.0353 SCFM, 0-0.1236 SCFM, 0-0.2825 SCFM and 0-0.5297 SCFM) Ranges available for Medical Air: 0-15 LPM (0-0.5297 SCFM) WARRANTY The Integrated...

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Integrated Flowmeter Configurator: FLOWRATE: 200 CCM: 1 LPM: 3.5 LPM: 8 LPM: 15 LPM: COLOR CODE: GAS TYPE: OXYGEN: O MEDICAL AIR: A LINE FITTING: DISS Male with demand check valve: D Ohmeda Coupler: O Chemetron Coupler: C Please note: Medical Air is only available in 0-15 LPM F I - T XX Y Z - W N - S OUTLET COMPATIBILITY: Diamond® 1: Diamond 2 & 3 / Gemini Hill-Rom® BeaconMedaes® Diamond Care (Extended Barrel Version) : Ohio Medical® Amico BeaconMedaes Series B Gentec® E NCG/Chemetron Series 500, 560 * Requires a Retrofit Kit | ♦ For wall mount version only Do you need a need a back-body to...

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Yes, it's still there. Where it belongs. When patients need it most. Feel confident knowing you have a flowmeter you can always count on. Ohio Medical's Integrated Flowmeter is permanently affixed to a gas outlet, so it can't be moved or lost. Now you and your patients can breathe easier. Visit for more information on how to increase safety, and your own peace of mind. The Integrated Flowmeter. Always there when you need it. One unique outlet. Two reliable ports. Multiple solutions. Permanently affixed to a gas outlet, Ohio Medical's versatile Integrated Flowmeter comes...

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© 2017 Ohio Medical, LLC. This document contains information that is proprietary and confidential to Ohio Medical, LLC. Use of this information is under license from Ohio Medical, LLC. Any use other than that authorized by Ohio Medical, LLC is prohibited. The Ohio Medical logo is a registered trademark of Ohio Medical, LLC. Chemetron, Med Star and Oxequip are registered trademarks of Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. Ohmeda is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare Finland Oy Corporation. Puritan Bennett is a registered trademark of Mallinckrodt Inc. Schrader is a registered trademark of...

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