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Medical Gas Manifiold Automatic High Pressure Product Specifications Digital LCD Pressure Display Automatic Leak Detection Automatic Transducer Diagnostic Testing SPECIFICATIONS The medical gas manifold shall be Ohio Medical Healthcair® series. The manifold shall comply with the latest edition of NFPA-99. The manifold shall provide an uninterrupted supply of gas to the pipeline at a constant pressure. The manifold shall permit automatic switchover for the “in use” (primary) bank of cylinders to the “reserve” (secondary) bank of cylinders. The manifold shall have a NEMA 4x enclosure allowing the manifold to be mounted outdoors in a semi-protected environment (0o - 140oF). The manifold shall be equipped with an internal power supply module, header bars/cylinder connections, master shut off valves and optional external heaters for Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) service. The pressure control cabinet shall contain dual pressure regulators and switches that assure an uninterrupted, regulated flow of gas to the pipeline. The cabinet shall have a digital pressure display and analog three pressure gauges, one for each supply side and one for the pipeline delivery pressure. A group of indicator lights shall be used to indicate the status of the left and right cylinder banks. “In Service “ is indicated by the green light, and the “Reserve” cylinder bank is indicated by the yellow “Ready to Use” light. A red “ Replace Cylinder” light indicates a depleted cylinder bank. The manifold shall be equipped with a left or right bank inlet priority switch. An external switch over setting module shall be provided. The control cabinet shall be equipped a leak detection alert, in the event the reserve cylinder bank decreases by 25% from the initial standby pressure. When this occurs, the standby status light and the empty status light will blink indicating that a leak has been detected. The unit shall include a self diagnostic testing feature to check the internal inlet and delivery pressure transducer sensors. During this test if a fault is found the digital display will read “ERROR” Right, Left, or Delivery depending on where the fault was generated. Dry contacts are provided in the internal alarm terminal strip for connection to a remote alarm to signal when the reserve bank (secondary) is in use. No manual resetting is required when the bank has been replaced with new cylinders and re-pressurized, the red light goes off and the yellow “Ready to Use” light comes on and the replaced bank is now the reserve bank. Product Includes: UL / CSA / CE / ISO 5175, BS 6158 / EN 730 (BAM / DIN) / AS 4603 - Components Designed to: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA -99 and 51) / Compressed Gas Association (V-1, E-1, E-3, E-4, G-1) American National Standards Institute (A-13.1, B.57-1) Cabinet dimensions are 16”W x 18”H x 10.5”D Domestic Input Voltage shall be 120 VAC The header bars shall be modular in design, allowing for future expansion. Each inlet port shall be equipped with an individual check valve and each brass header bar shall include a master shutoff valve to shut off the gas in emergency situations. Cylinder connections shall have a stainless steel mesh covering* and be flexible to facilitate cylinder alignment with the header bar and include gas specific CGA fittings on each end. Piping regulators and control switchover components shall be cleaned for oxygen service. *Oxygen manifolds shall be equipped with copper pigtails. Equipment is manufactured in the USA and

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1/2” NPTF gas delivery outlet Pipe Away Relief Valve Master valve Master valve Heater Adapter Heater Pigtails Heater Pigtails Heater (optional) Heater Adapter Pipe Away Relief Valves P/N 232600 232604 232602 PART NUMBERS Descrption 75 PSIG (O2, N2O, Air, CO2) 250 PSIG (N2) 1/2” Pipe Away Adapter *Add to the end of the part number if a heater kit is required

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