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Ohio Medical Corporation ® is a global leader in the area of medical air and vacuum pumping systems, medical suction and oxygen therapy devices with such trusted brands as Ohio Medical Corporation ® and Amvex ® medical suction regulators, Ohio Medical and Amvex air and oxygen flow meters, Healthcair ® medical air and vacuum pumping systems and Aeros ® portable suction equipment. Ohio Medical Corporation meets applicable regulatory requirements in the countries where we make and sell our products, and operates an ISO 13485 registered and FDA regulated medical device manufacturing facility....

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our history | your partner Ohio Medical ® can trace its history of the “Ohio” name back over 100 years to the Ohio Chemical & Manufacturing company founded in Cleveland Ohio in 1910. Here the company began manufacturing one of the first anesthesia gas machines called the Ohio Monovalve which was used extensively during World War I. Squire-Cogswell (founded in Chicago Illinois 1916) was a vital contract manufacturer for Ohio Chemical. They developed and manufactured medical gas and suction and oxygen therapy equipment including hospital vacuum regulators, custom vacuum and medical gas...

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Quality is essential at Ohio Medical ®, we integrate quality into all aspects of our business, from product development to customer support. Our high level of quality comes from our commitment to two key issues: • Meeting applicable regulatory requirements in the countries where we make and sell our products. Maintaining a staff of talented employees whose commitment to quality supports Ohio Medical’s vision. Ohio Medical Corporation is an ISO 13485 registered and FDA regulated medical device manufacturing facility. A major part of Ohio Medical’s quality efforts entail certification...

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clinical | solutions Suction Regulators Ohio Medical ® was the pioneer in developing the modern day suction regulator and has been providing quality suction regulators to healthcare facilities worldwide for more than 70 years. Our regulators are specifically designed for a variety of clinical applications including airway, nasogastric and surgical suctioning as well as chest drainage. “First” in Patient Safety: Our Ohio Medical patented Push-To-Set™ vacuum regulator was the first technology specifically design to help reduce the potential for clinician error by automating the recommended...

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system | solutions Vacuum Systems Rotary Vane, Rotary Claw, Liquid Ring Our vacuum systems comply with the latest NFPA ® 99 standards. We offer compact modular tank and stack mount systems, in standard and custom configurations. Our choices include rotary vane, liquid ring and rotary claw. Air Systems Oil-Less Scroll, Oil-Less Reciprocating Oil-less breathing air systems are offered in both piston and scroll versions. All models are NFPA 99 compliant with all needed equipment, such as CO/ dewpoint monitor, dryers, filters, and various other accessories.. Medgas Pipeline We offer a full line...

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1111 Lakeside Drive, Gurnee, IL 60031 USA | 1.800.448-0770 | www.ohiomedical.com American Association of Respiratory Care, “Endotracheal Suction of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient with Artificial Airways 2010”, Respiratory Care, June 2010, pp.758-64 © 2014 Ohio Medical Corporation. All rights reserved This document contains information that is proprietary and confidential to Ohio Medical Corporation. Use of this information is under license from Ohio Medical Corporation. Any use other than that authorized by Ohio Medical Corporation is prohibited. Ohio Medical Corporation, the Ohio...

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