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DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION The Ohio Medical® Surgical/Free-Flow Vacuum Regulator is specifically designed to provide high flow rates and minimal maintenance in the operating room and anywhere high levels of suction are used. It provides reliable, full-range aspiration for all continuous-flow suction procedures and is equipped with many convenient, easy to use features to facilitate surgical and/or emergency suctioning. Surgical/Free-Flow’s exclusive straight-through regulating mechanism replaces the complex vacuum circuitry existing in many other regulators. It provides high flows up to 150 L/min and prevents build-up of aerosols and lint that clog other regulators. It is classified as a high vacuum/high flow unit. The high vacuum gauge is suitable to a wide range of applications. The Surgical/Free-Flow regulator may also be used as a diagnostic tool to test maximum pressure from wall outlets. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Straight-through Suction Control Provides unrestricted, high flow rates up to 150 L/min Reduces clogging, downtime • Full Range Regulation Regulates through full range of available vacuum Automatically self-adjusting Choice of controlled or wide open suction • Large, Easy to Read Gauge 6.5 cm (2.5 in) gauge face Convex lens cover reduces glare • Quick Flip ON/OFF Switch Observable “ON” position Turns on to preset level • Diagnostic Window Direct observation of mechanical workings Fast, simple access for cleaning, repairs Hex wrench supplied • Large Control Knob Easy to regulate Fast response; one turn from OFF to Full Vacuum High Surgical/Free-Flow • 0-101.3 kPa gauge • 0-760 mm Hg gauge Durable Design and Construction Few mechanical parts Rugged, break-resistant case CE marked Ordering Options Available in various configurations, probes for connection to source vacuum. Also available with options for collection devices and overflow safety protection.

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High Surgical/Free-Flow • • • • • • • 0-101.3 kPa (0-760 mmHg) - High Vac gauge High flow rates Low maintenance, easy to service Dependable, time tested gauge and controls Easy-to-read gauge Fast response suction control knob Quick flip mode control switch * Specifications are nominal, subject to change without notice. Shipping Information Shipping Weight 1.0 Kg (2 lb. 3 oz.) less fittings and adapters Package Size 26.16 H x 19.8” W x 17.27 D cm (10.3” H x 7.8” W x 6.8” D) Specifications* Flow Rate 0-150 L/min without fittings at full increase Gauge Accuracy ± 5% Full Scale Deflection...

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