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Technical Spesification Technical Specifications Usage area Usage Area The OXIVENT™Oxi4Plus transportable lung ventilator is designed to be used in intensive care, ambulances, aircrafts, mobile hospitals, emergency ambulances, aircrafts, mobile hospitals, emergency services at the hospitals,at the hospitals and during ground during ground transportation. services ship hospitals, ship hospitals and transportation. Ventilation Modes Ventilation Modes Type Type Pressure-controlled ventilation. Pressure-controlled synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation PSV+ Apnea Backup Pressure...

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Dedicated Hospital Solutions Pressure trigger Tslope Pressure control (Adjustable) Pressure support (Adjustable) -0.5 to -20 CmH2O 50 ms to 1100 ms 5 to 60 cmH2O, added to PEEP/CPAP 0 to 35 cmH2O, added to PEEP/CPAP Controls Type Adult / Pediatric Control method Manual ventilation Inspiration hold Expiration hold Adjustable Flow Rate Adjustable Current Termination Adjustable Time Termination O2 Flush Pressure Control Flow Termination P high (APRV / Bilevel) P low (APRV) T high (APRV) T low (APRV) Expiration trigger sensitivity (ETS) Flow (HiFlowO2) Touchscreenfrontpanelwith rotary...

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Dedicated Hospital Solutions

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Ventilator Cart w/Tube Holder Optional Accessory Standard Accessory '‘•dicol CW*' co.*n„i Oxygen Sensor -Standard-

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