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Central Pharmacy Manager

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Central Pharmacy Manager Take a leaner approach to inventory management Pharmacy is under pressure to influence patient outcomes, yet the time spent on medication distribution tasks often limits their involvement in patient care. Omnicell’s new Central Pharmacy Manager (CPM) software automates manual processes that are time-consuming and prone to error, enabling health care facilities to run a true perpetual inventory. Save time on: • Picking • Stocking • Ordering • Receiving To further simplify operations, CPM shares a database with Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets and other systems on the Unity enterprise platform. Are labor-intensive processes dragging you down? Central Pharmacy Manager supports best practice workflows, so you can optimize inventory, floor space, and most importantly, staff time. • Medication Carousels—Inventory management with the carousel consolidates medication storage and streamlines picking and stocking processes • Pharmacist Verification—To enhance patient safety, pharmacy verification automates the manual process of validating items prior to leaving the pharmacy • Prioritized Picking Queue—Pick transaction types can be ranked and color-coded by priority based on facility preferences • Automated Wholesaler Ordering— Significantly reduces time spent on ordering and receiving, and enables smarter purchasing decisions based on actual

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How much staff time is tied up maintaining multiple databases? Unlike other central pharmacy inventory management systems, CPM is on the same platform as controlled substance management and automated dispensing systems used throughout the • Consistent patient, user, and formulary information • Provides total inventory visibility across medication dispensing systems • Increased data accuracy helps to eliminate billing errors How much visibility do you have to inventory across your enterprise? Central Pharmacy Manager was designed to scale to a health system's current and future needs....

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