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Controlled Substance Management (CSM) Brochure

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Controlled Substance Management System Manage Controlled Substances With Confidence ... Patient Care Area Medication Distributors The Controlled Substance Management System (CSM) from Omnicell supports the daily challenges of managing narcotics while saving valuable personnel time. To protect patient safety and reduce hospital liability, CSM provides full accountability of drug movement from medication distributors, to the pharmacy and patient care areas, and back to the pharmacy. With government regulations expanding and drug shortages at an all-time high, pharmacy has a growing burden to account for all controlled substances throughout the health care facility. Patient Care Area How tightly linked is your chain of custody? CSM monitors medication distribution anomalies and chain of custody in real time, tightening inventory control, supporting quick resolution of discrepancies, and providing comprehensive compliance documentation for federal and state agencies. • Medication accountability—Closes the loop on narcotics being returned back to the pharmacy • Streamlines return process—Advanced queuing of returns, expired medications, and/or destocks • Diversion detection—Helps to quickly identify potential diversion activity with robust reporting and actionable analytics • Insightful analytics—Add Pandora® analytics for a snapshot of inventory throughout the hospital Less time spent returning items to stock.1 facility, improving medication accountability How much of your resources are dedicated to maintaining multiple databases? Unlike other controlled substance systems, CSM shares a database with automated dispensing cabinets in nursing units and operating rooms. This unified approach increases medication security while reducing maintenance. • Consistent patient, user, and formulary information • Centralizes transactional information for easier audit trail and reconciliation • Increased data accuracy helps to eliminate billing errors

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How much time are you spending on medication purchasing? Instead of manually preparing vendor orders, take advantage of CSM’s robust purchasing platform that time saved preparing distributor orders 2 provides automated, electronic ordering to medication Up to distributors and the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS). • Enables smarter purchasing decisions • Optimizes inventory—orders based on par levels and reorder points • Inventory received is automatically entered in the CSM system time saved preparing CSOS orders.2 • Reduces stockouts that delay...

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