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Omnicell® Automated Medication Management Systems Achieve Safer, More Efficient Medication Workflow

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How Can You Safely Manage Medications in Today’s Environment? Nurses are interrupted approximately once every 5 minutes.1 Patient safety and quality of care are tied to nurse satisfaction.2 Nearly $1 billion paid to hospitals in the next year will be based in part on patient satisfaction.3 Managing medications is challenging enough. When you must also tackle tough issues such as readmission rates, patient satisfaction scores, and new Joint Commission rules, it can be overwhelming. Omnicell has a solution. As a company exclusively focused on medication and supply automation for two decades,...

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Satisfied Nurses, Safer Patients Integrated Medication Label Printer Unlabeled medications that are not immediately administered to patients pose a patient safety hazard and a Joint Commission compliance issue. Omnicell is the only company to offer a Medication Label Printer integrated within the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC), allowing nurses to print patient-specific labels during medication issue. How are you complying with National Patient Safety Goal 03.04.01? 6 Anywhere RN™ Remote Medication Management Software How often are your nurses interrupted while preparing for medication...

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Integration That Saves Time, Prevents Errors UNITY PLATFORM Unity solutions share a single database, helping to eliminate redundant data entry that can lead to errors. As part of the Unity platform, Omnicell automated medication dispensing systems share a single medication database. This integration helps to save time, reduce errors, and minimize system maintenance and IT involvement. INTEROPERABILITY To further streamline the medication management experience, Omnicell actively partners with leading healthcare information technology vendors to deliver advanced integration. Leading...

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Safe, Secure, and Efficient Select items for each patient via touch screen computer interface Fast yet secure access with advanced Touch & Go™ biometric ID system Confirm correct item with SafetyStock® bar code scanning Integrated Medication Label Printer prints patient-specific labels OmniDispenser dispenses each dose individually External return bin Guiding lights identify location of selected items Omnicell One-Cell Cabinet with OmniDispenser Module To learn more about Omnicell medication management systems, please contact your Omnicell representative or visit health...

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Flexible Configurations to Fit Your Needs Omnicell cabinets come in a wide range of configurations, and various options help you further customize the system for each area. One-Cell Cabinet Two-Cell Cabinet Three-Cell Cabinet OmniRx Cabinet Tabletop Cabinet OmniRx Cabinet Anesthesia Workstation™ Savvy™ Mobile Medication Workstation Refrigeration Lock/Monitor SafetyStock® Pick Verification bar code confirmation incorporates RxScan® technology FlexLock remote locking mechanism and temperature monitor for refrigerated medications Drawer Types Locking Lid Drawer Lighted Matrix Drawer A variety...

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