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Omnicell Central Pharmacy Automation Brochure

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Central Pharmacy Management Systems

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Transform Your Pharmacy Omnicell’s award-winning central pharmacy systems can make a profound difference in the efficiency and control of your pharmacy operations. Omnicell systems automate your daily workflows, assuring that the right medications are processed and that security is maintained for controlled substances. With Omnicell, freeing up staff time to focus on clinical tasks can finally be a reality. KLAS AWARDS 1 #1 Overall pharmacy automation equipment vendor (2013 – 2014) Best in KLAS: Automated Medication Dispensing Units: 2010–2014 Category Leader: • Controlled Substance...

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Operations WORKFLOWRX INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Streamline Every Step of the Medication Dispensing Process WorkflowRx™ optimizes the workflow between the packager and carousel, minimizing tedious manual work. By automating inventory management for the entire central pharmacy, WorkflowRx helps boost productivity, reduce inventory costs, and ensure medication accuracy. • Automates ordering, receiving, stocking, and picking processes. • Manages entire pharmacy formulary: bulk storage, IV room, refrigerated cases, and other remote storage locations. • Dynamic reordering of inventory based...

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MEDICATION PACK AGER Automation in the Pharmacy Means Safety at the Bedside The Medication Packager helps improve dispensing accuracy, increase productivity, and lower inventory costs. The Intelligent Order Routing option dynamically routes orders to the optimal picking location, greatly reducing fill time. • High-speed unit-dose dispensing system with full bar code support. • Prevents accumulation of returned inventory. • Supports bedside medication administration verification. CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE MANAGER (CSM) Get Peace of Mind from True Closed-Loop Tracking CSM provides perpetual...

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Efficiency OMNILINKRX MEDICATION ORDER MANAGEMENT Prevent Lost and Delayed Medication Orders OmniLinkRx™ software simplifies the communication of physician orders from remote nursing stations to the pharmacy. It’s an ideal way to address the significant rework, unnecessary phone calls, and frustration that result from lost or misplaced medication orders—not to mention delayed patient therapy. • Nurses simply place the physician order into the sending device such as a scanner, and the scanned image is immediately viewable by pharmacy staff for order entry. • Pharmacists can access orders...

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PANDORA ANALY TICS Improve Visibility to Medication Inventory and Usage Industry-leading Pandora® analytics assists in lowering inventory costs, preventing diversion, and producing compliance documentation. Pandora translates useful data from medication and supply dispensing systems into an interactive dashboard with at-a-glance views of key metrics and trends. Users simply click to drill down to more detailed information. • Integrates data from all Omnicell systems, providing facility-wide visibility. • Automates process for implementing par levels at the Omnicell ADC. • Reduces time spent...

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