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Omnicell Medication Packager Brochure

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Omnicell Medication Packager Streamline your pharmacy workflow by automating manual, labor-intensive processes. Automated Solutions for Medication and Supply Management

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Efficiency in the Pharmacy, Safety at the Bedside. Integrated with WorkflowRx™ inventory management software, the Omnicell® Medication Packager plays a vital role in streamlining pharmacy operations by automating manual, labor-intensive processes. The fully automated Medication Packager efficiently creates batch or patient-specific oral-solid unit-dose packages. This scalable system, which accommodates 260 to 520 line items, enables bulk medication purchasing and secure storage. Medication Labeling Benefits • Lowers inventory costs • Increases staff productivity, allowing more time for...

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Labeling System Create customized package bar code labels with the user-friendly label designer. • Bitmap package printing provides clear, easy-to-read bar codes Prints graphics, vertical, and horizontal information Easy-to-replace snap-in thermal ribbon cartridges Header label contains patient data, making it easy to return unused doses Dispensing Tray Use the integrated Dispensing Tray for half-tablet and low volume medication support. • • WorkflowRx supports bedside bar code verification systems. Easy to fill and operate 63 individual medication compartments General Features • U.S.-based...

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Medication Packager Specifications Floor Load per Caster Clearance Side Clearance Back Universal Specifications Packaging Speed Tablet Detection System Photo sensor Package Size Printing System Thermal transfer, unlimited fonts, vertical / horizontal printing Input System 10.4” (26.42 cm) Color Touch screen Power Supply Note: allow clearance around packager for access to canisters, maintenance, and air circulation. To maintain optimal equipment performance, high-speed packaging systems require daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance by system users. Refer to the Omnicell User Guide for the...

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