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Omnicell Supply Solutions

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Omnicell® Supply Solutions Improve Patient Care and Operational Efficiency Automated Solutions for Medication and Supply Management

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Omnicell® Supply Solutions Healthcare reform is driving hospitals and health systems to focus on the medical supply chain as a target for cost savings—along with the imperative to improve patient care. It’s no wonder when you consider that medical supplies account for over 30% of a hospital’s total costs.1 How Do You Begin to Control Costs? By automating manual processes and providing real-time inventory data, Omnicell® point-of-use supply chain management systems allow you to: • Lower costs by reducing consumption and inventory levels Increase revenue through accurate charge capture...

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Omnicell Supply Management A System That Helps Rather Than Hinders Nurses. Omnicell Supply Management is an easy-to-use tool that ensures nurses consistently have the supplies needed to support patient care. Supplies can be accessed from open shelves and secure cabinets, and the system can be customized by size, security, and configuration, allowing flexibility when designing your supply management workflow. • Omnicell Supply Management is available as a standalone system or as a simple adjunct to your existing Omnicell medication management systems – Touch & Go™ G4 biometric ID helps to...

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OptiFlex Procedure Systems Are You Fully Capturing Changes Throughout Your Facility? Manual inventory management in the OR and procedure areas is not only time-consuming but also affects supply costs, revenue, and patient care. OptiFlex systems create a highly efficient model that assures the right medical supply is there when you need it. As supplies are issued they are recorded by patient, making charge capture effortless and accurate. Surgical Services (SS)—Perpetual Inventory Management With Automated Physician Preference Cards Cath Lab (CL) — Ideal for Laboratory and Materials Managers...

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Flexible Configurations to Fit Your Needs Flexible, scalable Omnicell supply systems can be used with secure cabinets or open shelving— or a combination of the two. Omnicell cabinets come in a wide range of configurations and various options help you further customize the system for each area. One-Cell Main Cabinet 48” depth to include door swing 48” depth to include door swing 48” depth to include door swing 48” depth to include door swing 48” depth to include door swing 48” depth to include door swing 48” depth to include door swing One-Cell Auxiliary Cabinet Two-Cell Main Cabinet...

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To learn more about Omnicell supply products, please contact your Omnicell sales representative or visit See a brief video demonstration of the Omnicell Supply Management solution. Omnicell, the Omnicell design mark, OmniCenter, and Pandora are registered trademarks. Touch & Go and OptiFlex are trademarks of Omnicell, Inc. in the United States and internationally. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. ©2013 All rights reserved. PN759 Rev-C Omnicell, Inc. • Mountain View, CA • Tel: 800.850.6664 or (+1)-650-251-6100 •...

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