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OmniDispenser Single-Dose Dispensing System Virtually Eliminate Narcotic Countbacks The OmniDispenser™ single-dose dispensing system provides a unique, highly efficient solution for controlled substances that virtually eliminates the need for nurses to conduct time-consuming countbacks. A Smarter Way to Secure Medications The OmniDispenser system increases control and security over medications, which is especially important for controlled substances and high-value medications. Medications are securely stored in the OmniDispenser module within the cabinet, and each dose is dispensed individually, so nurses only have access to the specific quantities requested. In addition to discouraging diversion, the system supports compliance with the Joint Commission and other regulatory standards. Nurse-Friendly Efficiency One of the greatest drains on a nurse’s time is the tedious narcotic counts at the automated dispensing cabinet—and the inevitable recounts needed to resolve discrepancies. Not only does this task keep a nurse away from patient rooms, but it also contributes to congestion at the cabinet, which puts other nurses behind. Because the OmniDispenser system offers true unit-dose dispensing, manual countbacks to confirm remaining inventories of controlled substances are all but eliminated, saving hours of time each day. By electronically tracking each dose, the system also spares nurses from additional manual documentation. “If a nurse needs one dose of morphine, she gets one dose only. So there’s no need to do a count to verify and there’s less potential for diversion. We’ll no longer need nurses to count controlled substances at the end of their shifts.” Dave Hicks, RPh, MBA, Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer University of Chicago Medical Center

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Flexible Configurations •• The OmniDispenser module can be configured into a variety of Omnicell cabinet sizes. •• Accommodates most unit-dose packaged oral solids, 1 mL, 2 mL, and 5 mL vials and amps, as well as 1 mL and 2 mL syringes. Enhances Inventory Management for Pharmacy •• mproves restocking accuracy. I •• igh capacity: holds more than 1,100 individual doses. H •• utomatically rotates inventory on a first-in, first-out basis. A Highly Accurate •• survey by a hospital using the OmniDispenser found 99.9% accuracy in dispensing narcotics, A practically eliminating any discrepancies.1...

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