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OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management

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CENTRAL PHARMACY SOLUTIONS OmniLinkRx Lost, misplaced and delayed medication orders result in significant rework, unnecessary phone calls, and frustration. The end result is often delayed patient therapy. OmniLinkRx™ is the solution for managing medication orders and other documents by simplifying the communication of orders between patient care areas and the pharmacy. The goal of the OmniLinkRx system is to improve patient safety while increasing the productivity of nursing and pharmacy. How Does It Work? OmniLinkRx runs on a standard server with user access via workstations using Microsoft® Windows® Internet Explorer®. Orders may be sent via analog fax and/or digital sending devices such as a scanner. Nurses simply place the physician order into the sending device and indicate STAT or routine. The scanned document image is sent to the OmniLinkRx server, where it is immediately viewable by pharmacy for order entry. The orders can be viewed remotely, allowing pharmacists to work from home or enabling facilities to provide after-hours order entry coverage for non-24 hour pharmacy departments. The OmniLinkRx system is complementary with computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems. Streamlined Workflow OmniLinkRx automates communication of medication orders and related information between nursing and pharmacy, improving efficiency and productivity for both departments. Nurses may view the orders sent to pharmacy at any Internetenabled PC and/or at Omnicell® automated dispensing cabinets. ••  urses can view the status of the order to know when to N expect new medications. ••  anual administrative tasks are virtually eliminated, M paperwork burden is dramatically decreased, and time spent on the telephone is significantly reduced. The Latest Technology Capabilities OmniLinkRx easily coexists with a healthcare facility’s pharmacy information system. OmniLinkRx provides significant advantages: ••  educes order entry time R (St. Vincent Healthcare achieved at least a 57% reduction.1) ••  educes the time spent processing and verifying R medication orders (Baylor University Medical Center achieved a 35% lower error rate.2) ••  Eliminates paper management ••  Increases service levels to the nursing units “Using OmniLinkRx as our order management hub has allowed us to provide 24/7 pharmacy services to all five hospitals. Orders can now be handled from any one of the five hospitals at any time. OmniLinkRx has greatly improved our ability to provide safe and effective patient care to all of our patients all of the time.” — ana Darger, Director of Pharmacy, D Rapid City Regional Hospital OmniLinkRx Features include: ••  udit tracking of every user’s access of each order and all A annotations made to each document (HIPAA). ••  re-defined and customer-created stamps that can easily be P applied to any documents. ••  nlargement capabilities for enhanced viewing of document E information to aid in legibility. ••  bility to print/e-mail documents to other users and nonA users for clarification and/or quality assurance purposes. ••  verride messages and answers to Dispensing Alerts from O high risk medications can be sent from Omnicell cabinets to OmniLinkRx, where they are available in real time to aid in appropriate monitoring and patient safety. KLAS

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Advanced Viewing Features Full-screen Viewing and Image Resizing The size of the OmniLinkRx image may be adjusted to accommodate a variety of monitors. All users may display an order image full screen and expand or shrink any part of each document. Pharmacist users may elect to have OmniLinkRx display on the same screen as the pharmacy information system. This maximizes functionality of OmniLinkRx on a laptop, but does require switching back and forth between applications. Enhanced Order Image Sorting and Display Capabilities Users can easily view and sort order images from a large number...

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