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Pandora Analytics Overview

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Pandora Analytics Clear insights to improve medication

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With Pandora An abundance of data is available to address issues like diversion and inventory cost reduction, but translating that data into clear insights can be a monumental task. Let Pandora® analytics do the work for you. Pandora extracts key data from your medication and supply dispensing systems and transforms it into a user-friendly interactive toolbox. Customizable Dashboard The personalized, interactive Pandora dashboard provides at-a-glance views of key metrics and trends. Workflow tools include: • User task lists to stay on track with goals • Email alerts that warn when...

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“The Item Locator feature in Pandora Financials has changed my workload time for tracking shortages from hours to minutes. We estimate a time savings of 20 minutes daily for each item we track with this feature.” Jennifer Dunham, PharmD, Medication Safety Coordinator Stormont-Vail HealthCare Why More Than 1,000 Healthcare Facilities Use Pandora Analytics For more than 20 years, healthcare facilities have received insights from Pandora— the leading medication and supply analytics software. Pandora Advantages Cost-effective | Feature-rich Pandora core software includes dashboard, task lists,...

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rJpPandora Clinicals 7 /?ave identified some diversion cases in as short a time as three days after the diversion started... The Pandora data allows me to drill down on any issue that I'm concerned about and identify exactly what's going on very quickly." Kimberly New, Compliance Specialist University of Tennessee Medical Center How Effective Are Your Diversion Detection Efforts? %/ A hospital was fined $2 million for diversion-related issues, including failure to provide proper recordkeeping.1 Identifying a diverter can be challenging. Pharmacy and nurse managers often spend hours a day...

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Are You Taking the Right Steps to Improve Inventory Management? ✓ Supply chain costs could be reduced by 5% to 15% with better data analysis.2 With the mandate to drive down costs, making the right supply chain decisions is paramount. Yet without visibility into usage and spending patterns it's difficult to know what actions to take. Make the Right Supply Chain Decisions Get visibility to financial information such as total inventory costs, item location, inventory turns, and costs per case or patient visit with Pandora Financials. • Reduce costs by optimizing inventory levels • Reduce...

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Pandora Recommended Architecture Omnicell License Server Application and Database Server* (Microsoft OS and SQL Server) Medication/Supply/Nursing–Data Active Directory * Requires hospital-owned server, which ensures data stays within the healthcare facility. Press release from U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, July 26, 2007, accessed at According to Gartner Research, as reported in “5 Ways Supply Chain Can Reduce Rising Healthcare Costs,” HIT Consultant online publication, May 13, 2013. To learn more, please contact your...

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