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Pharmacy Drawer Options Datasheet

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Pharmacy Drawer Options Omnicell offers a wide variety of drawer options for storing, controlling, and accurately tracking medications and pharmacy supplies. Pharmacy drawers integrate into the Omnicell® automated dispensing cabinets and Anesthesia Workstation™ to create customized systems for specific clinical needs. Flexible Cabinet Configurations Omnicell drawers accommodate many types of medications, including oral solids and liquids, syringes, ampules, vials, IV solutions, and PCA medications. The drawers can be configured within the cabinet in a variety of ways. • Drawers are available in varying degrees of security and varying bin sizes. • Pharmacy drawers and medical supply areas can be combined in the same cabinet. Cabinet Type Drawer Capacity OmniTT™ tabletop cabinet OmniRx cabinet Each cell of the one-cell, two-cell, and three-cell cabinets *An OmniDispenser module takes up 6 drawers. OmniDispenser™ Single-Dose Dispensing System The OmniDispenser stores medications in a separate, secured location in the cabinet and dispenses each dose individually, so nurses only have access to the specific quantities requested. The system automatically tracks every dose, virtually eliminating time-consuming countbacks to confirm remaining inventories of controlled substances. This is a significant time saver for nurses that gives them more time for patient care. Key Features • Virtually eliminates controlled substance countbacks and related discrepancies. • Push-button technology helps ensure accurate restocks. • Facilitates improved compliance with Joint Commission and other regulatory standards. Guiding Lights Omnicell’s unique guiding lights technology visually directs clinicians to the drawer and then to the appropriate bin for the medication they had selected. This feature reduces the possibility of nurses taking the wrong item.

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FlexBin™ Single-Dose Drawer With this drawer, access to a medication is restricted to the item and quantity chosen by the clinician, providing a high level of security. No other doses are available. There is no need to confirm the remaining quantity or conduct end-ofshift counts, which results in fewer discrepancies. Key Features • Guiding lights illuminate drawer location and individual bins • Single-deep drawer maximizes inventory in a minimum amount of space • Three bin sizes available to accommodate a variety of medication types • Bins can be used as single-dose or multi-dose • Flexible...

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