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central pharmacy WorkflowRx The Omnicell WorkflowRx™ central pharmacy automation solution uniquely combines the power of an inventory management carousel system with a bar code packaging system to accomplish complete pharmacy workflow integration. WorkflowRx automation software works with several carousel systems on the market which allows hospitals that have already made a carousel investment to choose Omnicell for their inventory management. The WorkflowRx solution is an intelligent perpetual inventory management system for the entire central pharmacy. WorkflowRx automates the ordering, receiving, stocking, and picking processes. This enables pharmacies to increase pharmacy staff efficiency, automate inventory management, and ensure patient safety. Inventory Management Carousel The Omnicell inventory management carousel is an automated pharmacy retrieval system that enables hospital pharmacies to manage medication inventory in the central pharmacy, reducing medication errors, streamlining work flow for greater efficiency, and improving control. The carousel leverages vertical height to create greater storage capacity for pharmacies — an advantage for pharmacies with limited space. WorkflowRx is an integration solution with the power to adapt to any distribution model. Using automated bar code labeling and scanning, WorkflowRx verifies all transactions, including receiving, stocking, order processing, returns, and order verification. The system also enables clinicians to capture expiration dates and lot numbers. WorkflowRx is the first central pharmacy solution to optimize the workflow between the packager and carousel, minimizing tedious manual work. The WorkflowRx Intelligent Order Routing automated technology selects the optimal picking location based on user-defined settings. Real-time and batch orders are dynamically routed between the packager and carousel or shelving locations preventing the accumulation of returned items, and tightens controls over inventory stock levels. As an integrated system, WorkflowRx captures detailed information, tracks all transactions, provides reporting on inventory adjustments, documents discrepancies, and verifies inventory counts to provide a complete audit trail for the Joint Commission complia nce. Inventory management carousel systems from Omnicell: ••  Help pharmacists ensure the right medications are stored in, and retrieved from, the right locations. ••  Maintain the security of medications by controlling access in the central pharmacy with user-defined drug classes and the requirement of a user name and password. ••  Provide a detailed history of all transactions enabling pharmacy managers to capture user-defined data for personalized reporting and data analysis. ••  ffer flexible shelf configurations. O WorkflowRx also reduces costs by utilizing bulk packaging to produce unit dose packaging and reduces inventory levels for medications stored in both the carousel and the packager. WorkflowRx system provides: ••  Complete inventory management of the entire pharmacy formulary including bulk storage, refrigerated cases and IV room inventory. ••  Robust, integrated control of the carousel and packager. ••  ynamic reordering of inventory based on historical usage, D with electronic interfaces to commonly-used distributors. ••  Efficiently integrates return items to stock. The system’s medication safety, inventory control, high-capacity storage, and automated packaging benefits can be justified in out-patient pharmacies and central pharmacies in hospitals of 150 beds or more. Our Obsession is Your Solution

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Bar Code Packaging System Omnicell bar code packaging systems enable pharmacists to improve dispensing accuracy, increase their productivity, and lower their overall costs. The packager system features include: ••  Automated unit-dose medication packaging. ••  edside medication administration solutions to perform B bar code checking, which helps ensure the five rights of medication administration. ••  mproved central pharmacy workflow by automating the I replenishment of decentralized cabinets as well as filling individual patient medication bins. ••  Adapts to any distribution model....

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