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Aluminum Refrigerator Lock Box Improve business efficiency • Improve employee workplace safety • Improve patient care & management Omni Aluminum Refrigerator Lock Box Welcome to our next generation of Omni Drawers. The durable, cost effective and rust proof drawer insures it will work in all conditions. It is perfect for insulin storage in refrigerators, under work surfaces or stand-alone wall mounting (when purchased with the 183030 Omni Shelf). Can be used indoors or out. The 1/8” painted aluminum design provides more robust security than the traditional acrylic designs. It is also easier to disinfect because the aluminum and powder coat paint can withstand aggressive disinfectant unlike acrylic models. • Outside dimensions of Omni Drawer 13 7/8” W x 12 3/8” D x 4 3/4” H • Inside dimensions Omni Drawer 12 1/8” W x 11 3/4” D x 3 7/8” H • Includes aluminum mounting brackets and hardware to attached to wire refrigerator shelves • Drawers can be double stacked with provided hardware • Built in handle on front of unit to assist with opening and closing • 183030 is sold with a flat key lock which includes 3 keys. Multiple units will be keyed with the same lock number • 183025D is sold with a flat key lock which includes 3 keys. Multiple units will be keyed with different lock numbers • Optional 183027 Dividers can be purchased to better organize the drawer • Optional AT Lock Offers 19 User Codes (Stores 1,500 Entires Software FREE) & 75K Cycles Per Battery Pack • 1 Year Warranty

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