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2020 Product Catalogue - 1

Smart Healthcare Headquarter Worldwide Offices Onyx Healthcare Inc. America Europe 2F., No.135, Ln. 235, Baoqiao Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL: +886-2-8919-2188 FAX: +886-2-8919-1699 E-mail: sales@onyx-healthcare.com http://www.onyx-healthcare.com USA Onyx Healthcare, USA Inc. 324W. Blueridge Ave. Orange, CA 92865, USA TEL: +1-714-792-0774 FAX: +1-714-792-0481 E-mail: usasales@onyx-healthcare.com Netherlands Onyx Healthcare EUROPE B.V. Primulalaan 42, 5582 GL Waalre, The Nederlands TEL: +31(0) 499-745600 E-mail: eusales@onyx-healthcare.com Asia & China China Onyx Healthcare (Shanghai) INC. E-mail: cnsales@onyx-healthcare.com Driving New Medical Innovation ■ 4K Monitors! torVxi hospital Medicalfablet Al Accelerate InnovationAl ■ I Medical I d I Imaging ml nurSinQMobile Cart Computing Medicine Scanning^ | “esear“Jtand Scanner Medical Tablet dna^B^^ I MachinefL Learning Drug ^Mobile Cart Computing onyx » ^mgH Mobile Nursing } omart Dynamic “'“"n Medical Robotics Autonomous Machine Innovation Medical m | Medicine Scanning Mobile Nursing onyx | Medical Tablet

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2020 Product Catalogue - 2

Mobile Application Computing Solution 05 24” 24/7 Self-Power Cart Computer with AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 - Venus-243 AMD 09 22” 24/7 Self-Power Cart Computer with AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 - Venus-223 AMD 13 19” ~24” Self-Power Cart Computer Accessory Selection 17 17" 24/7 Mini Mobile Cart Computer- Venus-173 19 12”~ 17” Mini Mobile Computer Accessory Selection 25 Ubiquitous Power Solution 27 Battery / XL Battery / XXL Battery 31 ORION-Hospital IT Management Software Package 33 Mobile Medical Assistant 37 10.1” Rugged Medical Tablet - MD101 41 7” Rugged Medical PDA- Julia J07 45 5” Rugged...

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2020 Product Catalogue - 3

Healthcare Infotainment Solution 115 18.5" Fanless Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal - ONYX-BE182 117 15.6" Fanless Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal - ONYX-1531 119^^^^^^! 02 11.6" Fanless Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal - ONYX-1222 121 15.6" Fanless Android Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal - ONYX-BE153R 123 11.6" Fanless Android Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal - ONYX-BE122R 125 10.1" Fanless Android Bedside Infotainment Touch Terminal - ONYX-BE102R 127 Healthcare Infotainment Accessory Selection 129 Medical Slim Motherboard for OEM/ODM 131 AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 Medical...

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2020 Product Catalogue - 4

Awards The 25th National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Healthcare is an honored recipient today of the 25th National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. The National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises are seen as the Academy Awards (Oscars) for enterprises in Taiwan, representing the highest honor which can be granted to the winner in their industry. The Rising Star Award The Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award Onyx Healthcare has recently won two awards from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs...

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2020 Product Catalogue - 5

Ready to Use Embedded Computing Platform: Belonging to ASUS and Aaeon Group, Onyx provides rich and cutting edge motherboard technology to our clients. Do not worry about falling behind your competition. Your company will be the leader in the field. - Off-the shelf miniITX motherboard solution - Latest Computer-on Module (COM) solutions - Single compact computer solutions (X86 and RISC ARM) - Free of charge BIOS and driver service Onyx Healthcare is the first company with EMC 4.0 / Safe 3.1 ready products In the European Union, the Date of Withdrawal (DoW) of EN 60601-1:2006 (Safety Edition...

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2020 Product Catalogue - 6

Mobile Cart Computing Solution Onyx has developed an all in one panel computer that provides 24/7 non-stop service and offers true mobility. Venus, the medical portable computer, features dual hot swapptable batteries system and universal mounting slots. The battery system allow users to replace one of the batteries without turning the computer off .Also, the dual batteries design supply a very long running time and short charging time. Lightweight design with Magnesium alloy rear cover provides high strength and great heat dissipation, and it has mounting slots that will fit any medical cart....

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2020 Product Catalogue - 7

No pending for charging Swappable batteries are small and light enough to be changed with one hand while also providing long-lasting, nonstop power. Cleanability with Hospital Solvents Venus Series was designed for using in hospital environment. The Front IP65 waterproof and non-gap design was made it more easy to be clean with hospital solvent, and fit almost all the cleaning strategies. Easy to management remotely (ORION) ORION, a hospital IT management software package. Remotely monitor battery status including charging cycles, temperature, capacity, and usage statistics, or set custom...

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2020 Product Catalogue - 8

Mobile Cart Computer Venus-243 24" 24/7 Self-Power Medical Cart Computer Features Highest level of medical safety protection , EMC4.0/ Safety 3.1 Cleanability with Hospital Solvents (front IP65) Hot swappable design, support 24/7 run time Intel® Skylake Dual-Core i5 Support remote monitor/control/update (ORION compatible) Lightweight design HDMI Front reading light bar Specifications Main Specifications Processor Display Display Size Mechanical and Environmental Gigabit LAN Port x 1 ALL PRODUCT, PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS AND DATA ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE TO IMPROVE RELIABILITY,...

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2020 Product Catalogue - 9

24” 24/7 Self-Power Cart Computer Ordering Information »»VENUS-243ST-A5-1010 Cart Computer.i5.24”.Fanless.PCT.4G RAM.SCR.TPM. XL Battery x2 »»VENUS-243E-A3-0402 Cart Computer.3955U. 24”.Fanless.4G RAM.SCR.TPM. XL Battery x2 Optional Accessories »»1255301501 Medical Adaptor. 100-240V/1.0-2.5A 24V/6.25A 150W »»OPM-C12W-A8 WLAN dual band module kits. Atheros 802.11a/b/g/n + BT 4.0 »»UP-P22-A2-1010 2-Slot Charger + 24V Medical adaptor WLAN dual band module kits. INTEL 802.11ac/a/b/g/n+BT ※ All product specifications are subject

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