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ACCEL-VM500 is aBridge of Human and ComputerACCEL-VM500 ■ Powerful Al Computing Unit ACCEL-VM500 has dual-slot PCI Express[x16] for high end graphic care integration with up to 250W. Onyx has preselected high end NVIDIA Ouadro RTX 4000 or RTX Geforce2080 Ti and entry level NVIDIA Guadro P400 so customer can choose either one for installation. • Intel 9th Gen. Xeon/Core Processor • One PCI Express[x16], two PCI Express[x4] and one PCI Express[x1] slots for AI accelerator card, high end graphic card with up to 250W and capture card • Stylish design for AI application • Support two 2.5” SATA storage and NVMe storage. • Support video recording and video management software • Support Three 4K Displays: HDMI x 2, DP x 1 Symbol of Venting hole Venting Holes Design Stand for the neural network of human brain 0 & 1 is the combination of computer language Differential counting of blood cells is the basis of diagnostic hematology. In many circumstances, the identification of cells in bone marrow smears is the golden standard for diagnosis. However, morphological assessment and differential counting of bone marrow smears are still performed manually. Partnering with National Taiwan University Hospital, aetherAI is delivering the world's first bone marrow smear differential counting AI model, trained on the world's largest and most comprehensive image dataset. Each cell will be classified into one of the 13 main categories. However, AI testing requires high performance hardware in order to operate quickly and efficiently. Onyx Accel series is compatible with a variety of major AI computing models and provides support for the demanding hardware requirements that AI technology needs to perform well in medical applications. This helps medical personnel provide the best medical services possible, who would otherwise be affected by fatigue or environmental factors while overseeing prolonged periods of testing. Due to the spine has many nerves, patients are often worried about accidental injury caused during the operation. Surgeons have to be 100% attention and make sure their hand are steady during the spinal operations lasting three hours, on average. With a robotic arm, surgeons have the benefit of a tool that can be positioned to aid the physician while performing an operation and help with fatigue. Onyx Accel series all have medically certified and includes high-resolution image output and real-time image recognition by the combination of a variety of high performance AI modules. Our solution enables the AI system to immediately warn when the surgeon's operating range is slightly shifted to reduce the dangers to patients during spinal operations and to assist orthopedic physicians in performing higher-quality medical treatment. Contact Information Onyx Healthcare Inc. 2F., No.135, Lane 235, Pao Chiao Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 886-2-8919-2188 Fax: 886-2-8919-1699 E-mail: ACCELERATE INFERENCE - i — ACCEL Presents Highly Ready Solution Onyx Healthcare EUROPE B.V. Primulalaan 42, 5582 GL, Waalre, The Netherlands Tel: +31-(0)499-745600 E-mail: Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc. 324 W. Blueridge Ave., Orange, CA 92865 Tel: +1-714-792-0774 Fax: +1-714-792-0481 E-mail:

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Onyx AI Inference Platform Intel® Openvino Movidius f 4 • ACCEL-A3201/2701/2401 Intel 6th/9th Gen. Xeon/Core Processor One PCI Express[x16], one PCI Express[x4] and one PCI Express[x1] slots for AI accelerator card and I/O cards High brightness 32”/ 27” 4K UHD / 24” FHD LCD 4 x USB 3.0 / 2 x Isolated Gigabit LAN Supports two 2.5” storage devices with RAID 0/1 The Small Form Factor with Big Power The Onyx MEDPC-9200 is the slim, ultra-compact enclosure and is conveniently designed with a variety of expansion options to fit users innovative, like flexible storage, memory, and support for...

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