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Jetson Introduction APPLICATION Enteroscopy polyp identification EXPLORE THE FUTURE OF EMBEDDED COMPUTING NVIDIA Jetson™ is the world's leading platform for autonomous machines An important concern for doctors and patients during the endoscope and other embedded applications. It includes Jetson modules, which are exam would be relating to the polyps hidden in the folds of an intestinal small form-factor, high-performance computers, the NVIDIA JetPack™ wall that can be overlooked, and are not easy to detect. With the help of SDK for accelerating software, and an ecosystem with sensors, SDKs, AI, real-time results can be more accurate in finding any problem areas. services, and products to speed up development. Jetson is compatible with However, AI requires high-performance hardware in order to operate. The Onyx Accel series is compatible with a variety of major AI computing the same AI software and cloud-native workflows used across other models. So that medical personnel will not be affected by fatigue or NVIDIA platforms, and delivers the performance and power-efficiency environmental factors and can always provide the best medical service customers need to build software-defined autonomous machines. SCALABLE, FLEXIBLE EMBEDDED HARDWARE SOLUTION Each NVIDIA Jetson is a complete System on Module (SOM) including CPU, GPU, memory, power management, high-speed interfaces, and more. Jetson modules are available in various combinations of performance, Minimally invasive spinal surgery robot-assist system Due to the spine has many nerves, patients are often worried about accidental injury caused during the power-efficiency, and form factor so they can be used by medical customers across medical AI application . operation. Surgeons have to be 100% attention and Jetson ecosystem partners such as Onyx-healthcare providing software, hardware design services, and make sure their hand are steady during the spinal off-the-shelf compatible products from carrier boards to full systems, so you can get to market faster with medical AI embedded and edge device operations lasting three hours, on average. With a robotic arm, surgeons have the benefit of a tool that can be positioned to aid the physician while performing an operation and help with fatigue. Onyx Accel series all have medically certified and includes high-resolution image output and real-time image recognition by the combination of a variety of high performance AI Compact AI computing unit modules. Our solution enables the AI system to immediately warn when the surgeon’s operating range is NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Platform 512 NVIDIA CUDA Cores 64 Tensor Cores 22 TOPS (INT8) slightly shifted to reduce the dangers to patients during Support Multi-Storage Interface 32GB eMMC M.2 NVMe 2280 Micro SD Card Slot spinal operations and to assist orthopedic physicians in Support Optional Built-in Internal Speaker MEDICAL CERTIFICATE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE Optional Wi-Fi + BT Support Optional Wi-Fi + BT Support performing higher-quality medical treatme

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Onyx Joins Nvidia Partner Network for Medical AI Ecosystem Solutions ACCEL-VM500 / VM1000 is a Bridge of Human and Computer ™ Programmable Inference Accelerator NVIDIA TensorRT™ is an SDK for high-performance deep learning inference. It includes a deep learning inference optimizer and runtime that delivers low latency and high-throughput for deep learning inference applications. TensorRT-based applications perform up to 40x faster than CPU-only platforms during inference. With TensorRT, you can optimize neural network models trained in all major frameworks, calibrate for lower precision...

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