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Medical Power Bank UPower Pro-43 4-Slot Hot Swappable Battery Medical Power Bank Features Features ● Compatible with onyx XL battery and XXL battery (not for STD battery) ● Two mode for user - Normal mode : max capacity – 90W/520Wh (with XXL battery) - Power mode : max output – 90W/260Wh + 65W/260Wh (with XXL battery) ● 3x DC output ● Selectable voltage for each DC-out (12V / 15V / 19V / 24V) ● Built-in wifi chip for remote monitor directly ● LED indicator, clearly reveal recharge/discharge status Specifications Main Specifications UP-43P (Power Bank) Output Voltage DC out x3 Selectable voltage for each port. 12/15/19/24V (only one voltage at the same time for one port) Output Capacity Normal mode : share 90W with 2 port Power mode : 90W for ch1; 65W for ch2 Medical 45W AC output (optional) Charge Time 6hrs for XL battery; 8hrs for XXL battery (no charge when power output) Normal Charge: 8hrs for XL battery; 10hrs for XXL battery Fast Charge: 3.5hrs for XL Power Mode Button : Normal(max capacity) Power mode(max output) Charge Button : Power output charger Fast Charge Button : normal charge fast charge Extend Function Adaptor holder (optional) Cart mount bracket (optional) UP board (optional) 45W Medical AC inverter (optional) Adaptor holder (optional) Cart mount bracket (optional) Supports protection from over-voltage (input), over-current (input and output), short circuit, over-charge. Mechanical and Environmental Architecture Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Storage Humidity Power Supply Specification Input Voltage Output Power Ordering Information ● UP-43P-A1-1010 (Power Bank)

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