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GAMMA/1 patient transfer unit

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Technology, Safety and Comfort for the health of patients The ixed patient transfer unit “Gamma/1” has evolved with all the knowledge, expertise and know-how of OPT SurgiSystems gained in more than 90 years of experience in the medical sector. This brand new system allows to transfer the patient in the Operating Block before and ater a procedure in a safer, more comfortable and less traumatic way. In this way, the patient and the hospital personnel are prevented from manual liting and it organizes the access to the Operating Block in a quick and professional way. The hospital personnel is...

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TRANSFERRING SEQUENCE Transferring a patient from a stretcher to the operating table and vice versa is a daily operation in an Operating Block that can imply dificulties and problems for both patient and OR personnel. By using the patient transfer unit “Gamma /1” such operation can be done also by only one operator, in all safety and ease. The patient transfer unit “Gamma/1” allows transferring the patient both with single movements and in a sequential way with prearranged procedures. 1. The stretcher with the patient is moved closer to the patient transfer unit Gamma/1, adjusting the...

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Safety is a priority in drawing and manufacturing OPT products. The attention is focused both on the safety and ease of the patient during the complicated passage from the bed to the operating table with drainage tubes, drip-feed, etc. (and vice versa) and on the safety and ease of the operator in this complicated operation. Times for transferring the patient are reduced and so is the patient’s strain. The operator can be helped by the patient transfer unit Gamma/1 in the diferent passages of loading and unloading the patient thanks to state-of-the art safety and control systems in order to...

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The patient transfer unit Gamma/1 has been conceived to ofer the best comfort for the patient during pre- and post-operative transfers in the Operating Block. We have focused our attention on this aspect, being aware of the patient’s emotional state both before a procedure and the confusional state ater it. Therefore Gamma/1 ensures delicate, constant and linear movements both during the loading and the unloading of the patient with its conveniently calibrated speed in order to avoid sudden movements. All electro-mechanical movements are operated by the system through acceleration and...

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TECHNICAL FEATURES Used materials The patient transfer unit Gamma/1 is composed of a single unit of high quality steel with stainless surfaces (with removable panels for maintenance operations). The patient transfer unit Gamma/1 is completely latex free. Commands of the system The patient transfer unit “Gamma/1” is moved by two wired manual remote controls (n. 1 remote control in the aseptic zone, while the other one is in the septic zone). Depending on the model, it can have two more I.R. remote controls (one for the aseptic zone and one for the septic zone). Through the remote controls...

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Heated table top (optional) The PTU can have a heated table top for a better patient’s comfort. Patient detecting system (for PTU with window) Sensors to detect the patients on the borders (and/or obstacles of every kind) that prevent the contact with the closing window during the transfer. Once the obstacle has been detected, sensors stop immediately the closing window and make it re- open to its maximum height. Manual emergency movement (optional) Emergency system that in case of problems with motors and/or absence of electricity allows the manual slide of the transfer table top. Manual...

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The patient transfer unit “Gamma/1” without window VERSION “WITHOUT WINDOW” AND “WITH WINDOW” The patient transfer unit “Gamma/1” is available in two versions “without window” and “with window”. The closing window of the PTU version “with window” allows the patient transfer unit to divide the aseptic zone (Operating Block) from the septic zone, before and ater the patient’s transfer with clear advantages from the hygienic point of view.

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TECHNICAL DATA AND DIMENSIONS Patient transfer unit with window • Load transfer table top height adjustable: • Useful length of the table top: • overall dimensions of the table top: Passage light of the load table top: Supply voltage: Nominal power input: Protection against electric shock: Protection against direct and indirect contacts: Degree of protection against harmful ingress of water: Load capacity: Weight: Type B equipment IPX4 180 kg patient’s weight Kg. 695 Patient transfer unit without window • Load transfer table top electrically adjustable: • Useful length of the table top: •...

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OPT SurgiSystems S.r.l. Single shareholder company, subject to management and coordination of TKB Corporation, Tokyo, Japan Via Cesare Battisti, 17 - 38060 CALLIANO (TN) – ITALY Tel. +39 0464 834336 - Fax +39 0464 835142 OPT SurgiSystems S.r.l. reserves the right to make technical modiications without prior notice

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