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OPT SurgiSystems is an Italian brand and manufacturer of operating tables and OR accessories of the highest quality. OPT’s production and headquarters are located in Calliano (Trento), Italy. For more than 90 years the company has improved the patient’s quality of life by manufacturing ideal electro-medical high-end equipment. The long experience in this field leads to the creation of medical devices designed for the global market and able to meet the needs of healthcare professionals all over the world and facilitate their work. The company manufactures products, which confronts themselves...

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The operating system with transferable table tops VANTO summarizes all the technology and know-how acquired by OPT in more than 90 years of history. A smart operating system making complex things simply Simplicity VANTO has been conceived to facilitate the work of OR staff in operating rooms. A new software with control system of the configuration ensures an easy use in the picking of the table top and/or of the entire system with the help of trolleys. The anti-collision safety system of the outer casing of the base allows the user to make any required position safely. Furthermore, the...

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Three types of column for any necessity Flexibility and universality in a single table top The operating table top of the VANTO system is universal and suitable for all surgical specialties including traumatology. The column and the base are made in stainless steel and noble materials of highest quality superficially treated with state-of-the-art procedures (electropolishing for stainless steel) in order to increase the resistance to oxidation, ensuring a longer life and a greater resistance to antibacterial products. The column contains all the electronic and mechanical components designed...

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Carbon fibre table tops The VANTO system has two types of carbon fibre table tops for vascular surgery. They were designed to satisfy the needs of cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, orthopaedics - traumatology, angiography, neurosurgery and all the other surgical specialties where radiolucency is required. • Vascular “X” carbon fibre table top - complete with antistatic, radiolucent, electro-conductive removable cushion. The table top has a longitudinal slide of 700 mm. The radiolucent area from the head side is 1840 mm (1540 mm without the head section); 1680 mm...

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Main features Unique attachment system of the table top sections All the removable sections of VANTO have a unique fix torque system. This system allows to hook/unhook the sections in a secure and rapid way and in a single movement without using additional clamps or locks. The operating system VANTO is made of stainless steel and noble materials of highest quality. The standard cushions of the operating table top are made in soft, radiolucent, antistatic, anti-decubitus and ergonomically shaped material. Their thickness of 60 mm allows a comfortable patient positioning even during long...

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CONTROL SYSTEMS New wired and wireless remote controls with display Total control of the table in one hand Integrated remote panel with display VANTO column has an integrated remote panel with display, which can also be used as an emergency control. It can activate the column and the table top movements without having to use any wired or wireless remote controls. Moreover, the integrated remote panel has a dedicated button to search for the available wireless control giving an acoustic signal. OPT adds to its line of wireless and wired remote controls state-of-the-art remote controls with...

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TECHNICAL FEATURES Know-how acquired in more than 90 years of experience Central module of the table top Modularity and flexibility The extreme modularity of VANTO increases the flexibility of the OR. For instance, it allows to change the table configuration quickly and easily according to the required surgical discipline and thus adapting to the needs of OR staff. Attachment system The innovative fix torque system allows to hook/unhook the sections of the operating table in a secure and rapid way and in a single movement without using additional clamps or locks. The central section of the...

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TECHNICAL DRAWINGS Extreme positions with simplicity The operating system VANTO uses electromechanical movements that can be performed also simultaneously: • Height variation (without cushions): • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg: • Bilateral tilt: • Lower back section inclination: • Upper back section: ± 60° (with motorized section) • Thorax flex: • Kidney flex: • Inclinable legs section: • Longitudinal slide of the table top: • Flex – only one button for two simultaneous movements (back section / Reverse Trendelenburg) • Reflex – only one button for two simultaneous movements...

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Full safety for operators and patients Full integration VANTO can be integrated with the main control systems for integrated OR thanks to wireless communication protocols which comply with the most stringent regulatory standards. Safe positioning of obese patients (security protocols) With VANTO the user can set up several safety protocols according to needs of the surgical procedure and according to the patients’ weight or height. Automatic detection of the table top orientation Thanks to special sensors, VANTO automatically detects the position of the head and leg sections (or of any...

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Flexibility in the operating room SURGICAL POSITIONS GENERAL SURGERY Laparoscopic surgery Thorax surgery in lateral decubitus Colon surgery Technical drawing of VANTO with the different configurations of the operating table.

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GYNAECOLOGY – UROLOGY - PROCTOLOGY VASCULAR SURGERY Kidney surgery in lateral decubitus (flex position) Vascular surgery with carbon fibre section Gynae-uro-procto in lithotomy position Lithotomic surgery Thyroid surgery Lithotomic surgery with instrument tray 24

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