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VITA - Mobile Table - 2

MOBILE OPERATING TABLE Life in your operating theatre

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VITA - Mobile Table - 3

OPT SurgiSystems is an Italian brand and manufacturer of operating tables and OR accessories of the highest quality. OPT’s production and headquarter are located in Calliano (Trento), Italy. For nearly 100 years, OPT has been dedicated on improving their operating tables and accessories to help the surgeons make surgery more simple, less invasive and safe for the patient. This long history of experience combined together with the technology of today, has given us the privilege to be a world leader in this sector, with installations all over the world. With this 100 years of experience OPT...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 4

Dedicated to you, who are taking care of us.

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VITA - Mobile Table - 5

Life in your operating theatre OPT SurgiSystems Team is proud to present our new operating table VITA. It is a mobile system with fixed table top suitable for all surgical disciplines. A SMART operating table. Making the complex things simply Simplicity VITA makes life in an OR easier and safer for both staff and patients. It has automatic support system such as anti-collision safety system, which prevents collision of the table top with the floor. This feature allows the user to make any required position safely. Furthermore, the innovative Fix Torque system enables to hook/unhook the...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 6

OPERATING TABLE The operating table VITA has a simple and practical maneuverability and is completely safe thanks to 4 swiveling casters. They allow an easy control of the table even in narrow spaces. The casters have a special cover that protects from accidental impacts and infiltration. A 5th mechanical wheel (optional) ensures smooth and easy move of the table. Universality and flexibility in one table VITA allows to block/unblock the wheels by pressing dedicated buttons on the remote control. VITA is a state-of-the-art product in its category in terms of aesthetic and innovative...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 7

CONTROL SYSTEMS Wired and wireless remote controls with display Total control of the table in one hand Remote control features VITA remote controls have a STOP button to block instantly any movement. Moreover, remote controls have a LOCK/UNLOCK button to block temporarily all the keyboard. Each remote control can be connected to a specific table VITA through a simple and quick binding procedure. Every remote control can activate only one table at a time thus avoiding any interference with other operating tables. All electrical movements of the operating table VITA (including self-levelling)...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 8

PERFORMANCES Noise reduction and fluidity in movement Extreme positions with simplicity To ensure an optimal exposure of the surgical site, VITA offers the opportunity to reach various surgical positions with respect to the safety and comfort of both patient and user. VITA has all electro-hydraulic movements completely independent one from one another. Technical Specifications: • Height variation (without cushions): 575-1.075 mm • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg: ± 30° • Lower back section: + 80°/- 40° • Upper back section: + 60°/- 90° (with tiltable...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 9

TECHNICAL DRAWINGS The comfortable choice All the VITA cushions are soft, radiolucent, antistatic, anti-decubitus and easy to remove. VITA table top and all its sections have two types of cushions, which can be ordered depending on the surgical needs: • Moulded cushions • Memory foam visco-elastic cushions Moulded cushions The moulded cushions with a thickness of 60/70 mm have a specific ergonomic design. They have no seams or joins to allow the ingress of fluid and are easy to clean thereby reducing the chances of cross infection. The cushions are thicker in the center of each section for...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 10

TECHNICAL FEATURES Know how acquired in nearly 100 years of experience Central section of the table top The central section of the table top is motorized on both sides (back and legs). It does not need any additional electric section for the electro-hydraulic movements and performs all surgical activities without the need of moving the patient. Modularity and flexibility The extreme modularity of VITA increases the flexibility of the OR. For instance, it allows changing the table configuration quickly and easily (table sections and cushions) according to the required surgical discipline and...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 11

CONSTRUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY Constructive features Unique attachment system All the sections of the table top VITA have a unique Fix Torque system. This system allows to hook/unhook the sections in a secure and rapid way and in a single movement without using additional clamps or locks. The base and the column casing are made of stainless steel and noble materials of the highest quality. The stainless steel is treated with electro-polished procedure that ensures a longer life of the material and a safe table cleaning. After the electro-polishing procedure, the surface is smooth, shiny and more...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 12

Full safety for operator and patient VITA table allows the inversion of the table top. The patient’s orientation can be changed by inverting leg section with the head section. The inversion can be also controlled by wired or wireless remote controls. All of the electro-hydraulic movements and commands will adjust according to the table top orientation. Safe positioning of obese patients (safety protocols) The user can set up several safety protocols according to the needs of the surgical procedures and according to the patients’ weight or height. Emergency systems DAE (Emergency Power...

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VITA - Mobile Table - 13

Flexibility in the operating room SURGICAL POSITIONS GENERAL SURGERY Laparoscopic surgery Thorax surgery in lateral decubitus Colon surgery Technical drawing of VITA table top with the different configurations.

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VITA - Mobile Table - 14

GYNAECOLOGY – UROLOGY - PROCTOLOGY VASCULAR SURGERY Kidney surgery in lateral decubitus (flex position) Vascular surgery with carbon fibre section Gynae-uro-procto in lithotomy position Thyroid surgery Lithotomic surgery Lithotomic surgery with instrument tray

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