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COLPOSCOPE producing quality THE BEST VISION IN COLPOSCOPY Integrated illumination 3 steps Galileo magnifications Light and compact

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INTEGRATED COLPOSCOPY The OP-C2L is the most compact colposcope in the entire OPTOMIC product line. It combines qualities from all OPTOMIC’s colposcopes with the latest illumination technology. The LED, integrated in the head, provides uniform white light, perfect for the daily work of the specialist. Accessories as supports, trays and beam splitters transform this equipment into an integrated device, suitable for any medical office and practice. “TOTAL INTEGRATION: LIGHT POTENCY, SHARP IMAGES AND ERGONOMICS” MOBILE MOUNTING Provides firm support but is also easy to move as a result of its...

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MOVEMENT, TURNS AND BRAKES SMOOTH MANAGEMENT The OP-C2L can be moved and positioned as desired with just one hand through a handle located on the head. The equiment’s accessibility is a result of its balanced design, with angular bearings and Teflon discs. Progressively adjustable brakes allow the device to be placed in the desired position and provide great stability even during complex movements. Its angle can be adjusted to improve ergonomics. The handle is manufactured with high-resistance technopolymer. FRICTION AND BRAKE ADJUSTMENTS Provides mobility precision and stability in the...

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LENSES, EYEPIECES AND MAGNIFICATION THE BASIS FOR EXCELLENCE IN COLPOSCOPY Its stereoscopic head OP-C2L is combined with the 45º inclined binocular and the objective with large diameter lens. This provides perfect light transmission; generating bright images with high resolution and contrast, while preserving the natural color of all elements and avoiding cromatic and shape distortions. Its 45º inclined binocular helps the professional adopt an ergonomic posture during the observation.

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Great brightness, with fine focus. “LENSES ARE WINDOWS TO PRECISE EXAMINATIONS” Three-step Galilei magnifications changer.

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LIGHT SYSTEM HIGH LIGHTING POTENCY FOR ALL NEEDS The colposcope OP-C2L integrates a LED light in its head. LED technology provides a long working lifespan of more than 60.000 working hours. Its green filter turns red into black providing a better display of vascularization for accurate diagnosis. The high potency LED light is incorporated in the head, making the colposcope compact. The controls are incorporated in the body, for easy and comfortable management. LIGHT ADJUSTMENT Comfortable light intensity adjustment depending on the needs.

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VIDEOCOLPOSCOPY SYSTEM FULL HD TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With OPTOMIC’s beam splitter OP-TV10 HD, the OP-C2L is turned into a powerful digital high-definition videocolposcopy equipment. Several options make this a compact and easy-management device. For instance, projecting the image on a monitor, with area selection for optimizing automatically light parameters and the possibility of video recording through a capture system for subsequent analysis. Beam splitter key operating panel with tip-touch keys: White Balance, selection of the area for light control and Standby. Optical system...

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OPTOMIC producing quality HEAD BINOCULAR EYEPIECES OBJECTIVES MAGNIFICATIONS CHANGER MAGNIFICATIONS ILLUMINATION SYSTEM MOVEMENT SYSTEM MOUNTINGS VOLTAGE WEIGHT (body) OPTIONAL ACCESORIES Stereoscopic with fine focus. 45° inclined stereoscopic binocular head. Wide field 10x. Adjustable interpupillary distance: from 55 to 74mm. Dioptric adjustment of +/- 5 diopters. Objective of f=250mm (optional f=300mm). 3 steps Galileo magnifications (0,6x; 1 x; 1,6x). 3,5x to 17,5x depending on the chosen combination of objective, binocular and eyepieces. Integrated on the head. Coaxial thorugh the...

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