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producing quality

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 2

producing quality Microscopes Their excellent optical and mechanical features, together with their great mobility and versatility, make the OP-C12 and OP-C16 microscopes the ideal equipment to carry out everyday procedures in a quick and easy way. Main features • Excellent illumination and image quality • Smooth and precise movements • Compact and modern design • Cold light source: LED, Halogen or Xenon • Wide range of video solutions Wide Field FLOOR STAND Wall Mount

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 3

producing quality Video systems HD Light sources OP-TV CLICK

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 4

producing quality Chairs The complete range of OPTOMIC examination chairs has been created to fulfill today´s demand for an ergonomically correct working position and, at the same time, to provide excellent patient comfort. • High load capacity • Completely motorized • 6 Programmable memories • 2 keypads on the backrest + Foot pedal • Trendelenburg position • Completely motorized • 6 Programmable memories • Trendelenburg position • 2 keypads on the backrest + Foot pedal • Chair rotation 380º (190º right / 190º left) Folding armrests • Motorized Up/Down movement • Hydraulic backrest movement...

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 5

producing quality Chairs Designed by ENT specialists for ENT specialists • Comprehensive and robust design • Great stability • Trendelenburg position • Programmable memories • Integrated video-endoscopy unit (only OP-S14) Fully electronic movement control • Motorized backrest and Up/Down movements • Electromagnetic rotation brake • Synchronized backrest movement FullY motorized movements AdjUSTABLE headrest EXAMINATION SPOT LIGHT

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 6

producing quality Workstations The OTOSMART unit has been designed exclusively for ENT. With integrated suction system, drawers of large capacity, and supports for rigid and flexible endoscopes. • Compact and functional design • Drawers of great capacity • Silent and linear flow suction pump, with manual regulation, large capacity container and block mechanism • Supports for rigid and flexible endoscopes (optional) • Monitor support (optional) • Glass cover for shelves (optional) HIGH POWER SUCTION PUMP Office with Optimus Office with OTOSMART Standard offic

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 7

producing quality Workstations The best solution to organize a modern practice with a single unit. The OPTIMUS takes up the minimum amount of space, giving the doctor’s office an impeccable look. • A comfortable and elegant way to optimize your office space • Manufactured with the most durable materials: metal, steel and safety laminated glass, the Optimus unit is a long lasting equipment • Several color options • Compact, elegant and sturdy • Large capacity drawers that are fully extractable • High resistance guides with soft-closing mechanism • Autoclavable instrument trays • High power...

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 8

producing quality Stroboscopes The OPTOMIC STROBOLUX III LED stroboscope meets the current needs for a precise diagnosis of vocal cord disorders. This device has been developed with the latest technology in the field of stroboscopic illumination. • LED technology • Stroboscopic and continuous light • Digital control of the signal Te ch n o l o g y a n d P re cisio n in Strobos c opic Light ENDOSCOPE SELECTION The STROBOLUX III LED + HD is a complete all-in-one endoscopy system, perfect for today´s demanding ENT practice. It allows the specialist to carry out stroboscopy and continuous light...

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 9

producing quality Endoscopy Cameras The OPTOMIC cameras for endoscopy are provided with a processor based on DSP technology, which digitally controls the image, offering a higher performance, and superior image quality. • Water proof camera head • Automatic white balance • 1 x Comp. Video – 1 x Y/C • Firewire (Digital video output –Optional DV series) • Water proof camera head • Automatic and manual white balance • Brightness control • 3 Adjustment memories • 2 x Comp. Video – 2 x Y/C • USB and SDI Digital video output Cold Light Sources The Fibrolux cold light sources emit high intensity...

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 10

producing quality Rigid Endoscopes OPTOMIC offers a complete range of rigid otoscopes, sinuscopes and laryngoscopes for the inspection of the corresponding area. They allow for the diagnosis and serve as a method for minimal invasive surgical intervention. All the ENT OPTOMIC endoscopes are of proven quality and offer an exceptional image brightness to guarantee the satisfaction of the specialist. Flexible Endoscopes The OPTOMIC flexible endoscopes provide excellent optical characteristics for the inspection of nasal passages, the pharynx, the larynx and bronchus. These fiberscopes have...

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ENT Comprehensive Solutions - 11

producing quality Endoscopy Trolleys Standard • Robust design • Easy to handle • VESA monitor support • Easy to handle • 1 adjustable tray • Optional: Extra tray Professional • Spacious shelves • VESA monitor support • 3 adjustable trays • Optional: 2nd monitor support Image Capture System DIGITALLY SOFT • Creation and modification of the patient’s clinical records • Still images and video capture • Quick reports • Works in a network, sharing a database • Ima

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